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  1. Still kinda new to the competitive scene, but I really love Porygon2 for so many reasons: backstory, looks like a duck, space, digitalness. I wanna change my icon now Update/Edit: done!
  2. YAY! It's updated! Massive increase in dl data, but still worth it! (about 350 MBs) Oh, and Sega Mega Drive/Genesis fans? Prepare to bike.
  3. Breeding is fun, one of my already favorite things to do in PokeMMO despite it being an expensive hobby. Yet sometimes, when I have a lot of Pokemon in the PC, each with different IV stats, I found it hard to tell which Pokemon I should bring to breed. In my first attempt, I wanted to go for a 4x31 Spheal, but somehow ended up with a 2x31/2x30 Feebas instead because it was absolutely chaotic, I forgot to look at the gender. Despite what happened, I grew to like the eventual Milotic, but I definitely made a mistake in the process. So I decided to make a tool so that I wouldn't be confused anymore. It doesn't use anything special, just a spreadsheet program. I figured along the way some other people would like something like this as well, so I made a public version for others to use, complete with a tutorial inside! I call it the PokeMMO Comp Breeder's Organizational Chart, PKMMO C.B.O.C. for short! XD LINK: https://mega.nz/#F!iIMh2CYK!TL6gBAotZ3re2eFW3nx8iQ IMAGE GUIDE: https://imgur.com/a/pXAXMxx Hope this helps some fresh faces out there, and maybe some of the veterans too? Take care!
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