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  1. What type of server did you work on with your friend?   Welcome and Happy birthday on the 9th!
  2.   As of this drafting it is not in PokeMMO, however there is lots of talks about how legendaries are going to be implemented in future patches.   Welcome and enjoy your stay!
  3.   Welcome!   As far as helping, every little bit helps - be it by answering questions in global chat or answering a question here or there on the forums. The rewards for doing so is the good feeling of helping others- no more and no less.   Other than that I am not too sure what other help you can offer, especially if you are not looking to become a cm/gm. Another thing to note is that the developers are not looking for any help on the programming end of things (just in cause you were wondering).   Hope that helps, and welcome!
  4. Legendaries announced!!! see more details at:

  5. Before posting hit the little light switch in the top left of the editor.   "What you see is what you get"; So much like any word processor, you can change fonts and other things without seeing the code which displays them.   Edit: ninja'd by the great and powerful Bimps1002
  6.   That is why you are a master! 20 minutes to draw what should have taken 20 hours... That is true talent! It is magical watching you in your element.
  7.   The game is in development, and not all of the attack animations are programmed into the game yet.   Yes, everyone is missing the same animations.
  8. How to solve this problem? Fine. Come Anytime you like. I try to redeem the ilumise the nursery pokemon but I can not. Wanted for the image to help but do not know how to do well.

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