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  1. Hello, my brother and I have one account each and we are doing gym rematches every day making an average of 600,000 a day. Now we have thought of doing another account each so as to do 1.2m every day. We send all the money every day to my account and when he needs something I pass him the amount he needs. We would use 2 accounts each instead of one and with two different devices. (my phone and his phone) Would this create problems? Because I don't want to take a ban or something because I send 300,000 every day from three different accounts. Thanks in advance
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    Go farm my little slave...
  3. Yes and after you will call the police because a player scammed you?
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    Hi Ò/

    Hello, My name's Federico AKA Koushi(kou) and i'm an italian pokemmo player! Languages: Italian, English and Portugues (I'm living here right now) ò/
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