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  1. IGN:VFoxdemon Country:China Tiers:ou Personal Note:重铸刺甲贝荣光,我辈义不容辞!
  2. I hope that the official can release the gods and elves in the gameThis will bring more fun
  3. I want to know if the code of conduct for mailboxes is the same mailbox and anything given to another mailbox trumpet will be numbered? Or can I only mail things in one number and in different roles?
  4. I opened 70 boxes for Halloween. I don't have a Bancilas fashion! Why can someone else come out with five boxes! It's not fair. My hard-earned box and the exchange bought it. I didn't lose money on this event. It's not fair, 300w!
  5. There's bound to be Halloween this year! Please look forward to it
  6. Is it added to the game friends trade anything will not be sealed?
  7. I want to know how to be a friend, I want to send a friend things and afraid of the title. But the rules say that friends are allowed to trade anything, and I want to know what it takes to be a friend?
  8. Looking for someone. What an active Union!
  9. What did pokemmo update today? Why should I update it twice
  10. Are there any Halloween activities this year? What's the exact number
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