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  1. Most players at some point in time have been in multiple teams via alts for social reasons. It’s not something everyone HAS to do, but it would be a nice option to have. Especially given how few active English speaking teams there seems to be.
  2. Agreed. What the op said + customizable role names + the ability to join multiple teams; you could allow for a a setting that lets you set a main team and thats the tag you would show.
  3. To the point a lot of people are making and something I noticed since coming back is the game lacks a real sense of community anymore. That being said there is nothing stopping the community from creating that sense of community. I’ve had discussions with teammates about holding tournaments where people actually have to sign up and show up to a specific location like we used to. These things used to be social events, everyone knew everyone and it was honestly the coolest aspect about the game and I think what actually made this game loosely “work” as an MMO. There is a lot more content than there used to be even compared to 2 or 3 years ago and there are new ways and items to grind so as a returning player who legit took a long hiatus without even looking at the damn game for a while I’d say overall the game has improved but it lost the aforementioned community feel in the process.
  4. Would’ve been nice to set this up as a yearly event but kinda ruined it with the “once every 50 years” line.
  5. Im aware of where I can check it. It's too easy to out level the cap even without obtaining pokemon from gtl/trade; so they should change the way OT's are capped or experience gained from trainer battles should be looked at. Im actively having to avoid battles to save pokes for gym leader battles just to raise my cap. Between 3 badges my cap went up 10 levels? That just seems really low. Alternatively scaling npc levels to your team would even be a better solution than the way they currently cap things.
  6. The way level capping is done should be looked at; I understand that with the GTL high level pokemon are easily obtainable and for cheap, but as ive been playing through Kanto ive noticed just leveling to complete story Im having a hard time keeping under the cap. the level difference between badges 6 & 7 is only a 3 level bump from 46 to 50. Thats relatively low level for taking on the 7th gym. Im unfamiliar, but does the cap effect OT's different from pokemon purchased or traded for?
  7. So you're encountering an age old issue with this game and something that wont likely change. There is so much overworld and so little "meat" to chew on so to speak. The community, especially early on was so concerned with wanting more pokemon and places to go that over time thats really become the devs focus for better or for worse. Small detail stuff like this has gone to the wayside thanks to new region and pokemon implementation and the never ending balancing and bug fixing that has come with that. Pokemon wasnt meant to be played like this so the reality is this game will always be comp or social centric with little to do other than grind and explore. Thats supposed to be its charm I guess. More dynamic housing would be great but is probably unlikely to happen do to it really not being an essential game function.
  8. KET was so great; and so many people went on to be great comp players or staff. Good times! Ty Orango and thank everyone else for the warm whalecums
  9. Thanks m8. I remember when your Avi was an eggplant with a sword xD
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