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  1. Last update added Android sound modding support. What about Pokemon's cries? (wav format)
  2. I agree, paying for it will be huge advantage, so free for everyone. To make this game more dynamic and enjoyable for more players to be more popular you should concerned that. About PVP just leave it in normal speed, speed up 2x PVE, encounters (option in gameplay options 1x, 2x). Trust me many people don't play or stop it after while because of slow encounters and battles and what players already said this question was asked so many times, people want that and this is the fact. Please concerned that.
  3. People wants to have option to speed up the battles? People who have own families, have work to do, business don't have time for watching the same animations over and over again.
  4. I know this question was asked many times, but this is the only reason why I and my friends don't play this game daily. When I asking people to join to the game always I heard "This game looks interesting but battles are sooo slow I prefer playing on emulator". If this will be paid feature (like your subscription +25% EXP etc.) I will pay for it. This game needs minimum 2x faster battles, now it's soo slow you don't want to play after few minutes, just boring. Please think about it.
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