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  1. When do the new seasonal rewards arrive in season 4?
  2. Mine is like that too, I thought it was just me. lmao
  3. I think this search bar would be very useful to search for battles faster
  4. Release the hidden ability right away, it doesn't make sense for the gym to have it and we don't.
  5. Will there be halloween this month?
  6. My team for the story was Torterra/Staraptor/Bibarel/Blaziken/Abomasnow/Scizor ez
  7. SAFARI ZONE CATCH Details Tournament | Single Battle | 3v3 | Escolher 3 pokémons na zona Safari para usar na batalha. Data Sábado, 22 Fevereiro 2020 Horário 17:00 BRT Local Safari Zone (Kanto) CH.1 Inscrições Mandar email com o valor de 15k para jvxyz até o dia 21/02/2020 (Os valores da inscrição serão adicionados como prêmio) Clauses Evasion/ Sleep / OHKO / Unique Species / Self-KO / OP item Organizador do Evento: jvxyz Prêmio: 1º - Val
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