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  1. If you weren't dumb you would understand that I put in some wallbreakers...
  2. I agree with what was said, this item should be banned. Sometimes you already have the battle guaranteed, but the item takes away your victory.
  3. I didn't like it either, hope they add new hats
  4. I agree with the changes that will take place.
  5. jvxyz


    I think this would be very useful for rain, sandstorm and trick room teams.
  6. When do the new seasonal rewards arrive in season 4?
  7. Mine is like that too, I thought it was just me. lmao
  8. I think this search bar would be very useful to search for battles faster
  9. Release the hidden ability right away, it doesn't make sense for the gym to have it and we don't.
  10. Will there be halloween this month?
  11. My team for the story was Torterra/Staraptor/Bibarel/Blaziken/Abomasnow/Scizor ez
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