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  1. waiting for that BO5 @MadaraSixSix (with all respect ofc)
  2. IGN: PedroLindoUnico Preferred Tiers: LC OU, LC UU, LC NU and I can try gen8lc Competitive accolades (optional, although it certainly increases your chances of getting picked):I usually go well on einstein tours (won 1 UU but thats lc :c) Discord contact: PedroLindoUnico#3772 Fluff: just in case I dont get selected lol Preferred/Least Preferred Potential Manager: any
  3. IGN: PedroLindoUnico Accolades: I can make some jokes and pay $ to the player that win Fluff: When I used to play tours seriously I went to a finals of a mamoswine tour and semis of a sigi Fluff 2: In einstein LC tours I usually go far and i am tc of lc
  4. That's not chess, luck will always be more important in Pokemon, sadly.
  5. I did not read the post and I won't, but bro stall is not broken in the actual metagame but I agree it is very strong and one of best styles to play at the moment. You say to people use offensive things with the argument it requires skill, but bro lemme tell you a secret, setup screens and dance or somethings isn't that skillfull (actually it is pretty brainless). It is possible that someday one change in the game would change the meta and make an style super overpowered but it is not happening right now. And even if it was happening we would not ban a style of playing the game but the pokemon/item/anythings that it's causing the problem. I don't know if you know how a ban happens and I don't judge you because most comp players don't know that too, but I suggest to you read a post in competitive section about tiering and how bans works, it is named Tiering Etiquete something like that, you can also search in Smogon or even videos on youtube.
  6. I read the thread and its what I saw. It promotes RNG just as everything in this game as I said ban it separately makes no sense cuz we have several things that promotes rng way more than that, like Togekiss Thunder Wave+Air Slash or even the examples I said (Feraligatr and Durant) that can flinch with its main stab and use a item that it's not King's Rock. Saying we should make the game more competitive is always a fail, pokemon is pokemon and it will be always like that, or we remove all RNG from the game or we don't remove part by part. Yes, I am serious if a team loses to 3 flinches of Togekiss everyone call it bad, isn't it? Why we can't apply that to a pokemon that has a chance to flinch way less than serene grace? We have statistics that show what item is being used in the pokemon, King's Rock has a high usage and you should look into that to make ur team don't lose to that. You can say that Cloyster can flinch 77 times in a row and will kill all your walls but it is extremely unlikely. As I said before if you have a team ready for things like that you won't lose unless the person flicnhes you 77 times which, as I said, is extremely unlikely. Asking for a ban saying X thing is skilless makes no sense, there are a lot of things in this game that are not skillful such as Hyper Offense or Stall.
  7. Let's be fair you judge the guy for having bad arguments but both arguments here in this thread are horrible. On the side of people who want to ban King's Rock there is no argument, they just want to ban it because it's boring to lose to this item. If your team loses to 1 or 2 cloyster flinches, sorry, but your team is bad. When someone loses to Togekiss and his flinches, no one says anything, understand? And on the part of whoever King's Rock stays there are also bad arguments like wanting to ban stall (?) As I said and will continue to say King's Rock in my opinion does not deserve to be banned because it is too bad, not using a useful item to have only 10% flinch is not at all strategic which reinforces my argument that CLOYSTER with this item that is the problem and not the item itself.
  8. I think King's Rock IS unhealthy but the only thing that I say is that makes no sense ban it having another things allowed.
  9. Remove something by calling it "unhealthy" for PvP while things like Togekiss/Paralyze/Fishing Scald Burn and a lot of other things exist doesn't seem a good argument in my opinion
  10. 500k - amoncute wins agaisnt Mobuto 500k - Sintatic wins agaisnt Baneadito 500k - DeusBruno wins agaisnt ShellUny 500k - I win my match
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