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  1. Team Tag: [BSDO] Team Name: Bushido Registered Players: Spxter, NguyenDuy, OxORefaked, ItsGray, iMarco, RedxJunvil, PedrolindoUnico, Kloneman, WhiteRoar, iinnoo, NicRock, YeetusKun, ZzZerra, Clayclover, xSpunk Team Captain: Spxter
  2. Hello the Pokemon day is coming soon and Pokemon will complete 25 years. Well, being PokeMMO a pokemon game it would be interesting to have a mini-event about it, like the jumpeon event. However we know that it is already very close to the day, so if it were not possible to do this, a vanity to celebrate that day would be something interesting. We know that maybe the remake of Diamond and Pearl will come, so imagine a vanity of Dialga and Palkia. And if I'm not mistaken we have some of that in the vanity suggestions, in the vanity thread. Well, those are my suggestions.
  3. All tickets sold, @xJoseeecan announce the winners when u want. Gl all
  4. Hello, I'm raffling a Shiny Hydreigon with 3 particles Jolly Nature Each tickets is 33k. Send to PedroLindoUnico SOLD OUT
  5. Hello, I wanna know if repeated teams will be considered on the receiving of nian hood or only the highest run of this team, thus enabling more people to win.
  6. Hello, my suggestion is simple. The Chinese New Year event is really cool and more, but the part where the leaderboard works, for me, is kind of boring, having to play for more than 6 hours to get a place in the rank is not human, I don't have this time and I know many don't either. So my suggestion is maybe to change the way the leaderboard is scored or to make the event faster.
  7. It's a nice outfit good tthing to implement '-'
  8. Team Name: Bushido Team Tag: [BSDO] Registered Players: Spxter, BartekDolar, NguyenDuy, Imnghia, OxORefaked, ItsGray, iMarco, WhiteRoar, PedroLindoUnico, RedXJunvil Team Captain: Spxter
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