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  1. who will trap ferrothorn with arena trap?
  2. Hello, I started this topic to show how harmful the dugtrio is to the meta. One of the biggest arguments for keeping this pokemon without a ban on the ability is to say that it has a low attack. Well, and this is true, his attack is low, however, it is necessary to give 1HKO or 2 hit ko in most pokemon considered "wall breakers". 252 Atk Dugtrio Earthquake vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Typhlosion: 290-344 (97.6 - 115.8%) -- 87.5% chance to OHKO 252 Atk Dugtrio Reversal (200 BP) vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Scrafty: 280-330 (103.3 - 121.7%) -- guaranteed OHKO Besides ending with "wallbreakers" he still manages to defeat several pokemon considered wall. 252 Atk Dugtrio Earthquake vs. 252 HP / 0 Def Lanturn: 368-434 (81 - 95.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery The combination of speed + arena trap does harmful things. And with the combination of Focus Sash it becomes a plague. Let's consider the following scenario: I have a Typhlosion Choice Specs using eruption, my opponent has tangrowth in the field and a dugtrio on the team, technically I couldn't defeat the tangowth with my Eruption since if I killed, the dugtrio would do a revenge kill. As soon as the dugtrio entered the field, he couldn't change any more. That's my opinion, I think the arena trap abilityshould be banned at least in UU.
  3. IGN: PedroLindoUnico Reason: I started playing pvp recently, more precisely after the sinnoh update. But you must be saying: Ah, this PedroLindoUnico is just a random never heard of him. It's true I'm a random but I'm here to change that and prove to some people that it NEVER WAS LUCK Preferred Tiers: UU but i can play OU too Discord contact: PedroLindoUnico #8062 Other random stuff:poct poct
  4. I think it's because there are not a lot of LC players in the game
  5. I'll give you an example in football, Bayern Munich is winning everything, a very good team, almost all games are victories, do you think they will take him out of the champions league because he wins a lot? Isnt the best example but ok xD
  6. I believe that weekly prizes would be good. But I don't think I would need any reward points in those rewards, things like: Pokeball, everstone, breed materials etc would be good.
  7. looking for matches in matchmaking would be nice, since most of the time when you want to watch a match from a friend it takes a long time to find since there are always many matches going on. A search by name, tier etc is my suggestion
  8. Understanding your point, but we all know that in pokemon, luck outweighs the skill factor. I think that in theory this system works but in practice I don't think it is that efficient. What I think is: if I earn 3 points by battling someone of the same level why not lose 3 if I lose.
  9. Hello everyone, I come here to express my opinion about this new Elo system. In my opinion, this system is good but it is not effective in games like pokemon which is extremely based on luck. Let's take a few examples, imagine if I'm fighting and with each victory I'm earning 3 points, but after winning 2 in a row I lose one because of a critical hit or miss causing me to lose 7 points, in other words, 2 difficult victories are irrelevant because of a ridiculous match. Good is that, remembering is just my opinion.
  10. I think we could have selection shirts with numbers that could be selected by those who buy. We already have team shirts so why not national selection. :)
  11. Team Name: Fã-Clube Neymar Jr. Registered Players: PedroLindoUnico, JothaP, IcyGlacier
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