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  1. IGN:PedroLindoUnico Accolades: i got banned for staff harassment lol Fluff: im good with people
  2. IGN: PedroLindoUnico Time Zone (UTC format): brt Tiers: all but no doubles Fluff: Sometimes i beat some people with my crazy ideas of underrated mon went 2nd sometimes, i can make some jokes to unite the team or give money #endiiimanager, #fucktheformula
  3. IGN: PedroLIndoUnico Motivation: me again trying to be manager. I am a player that play mostly for fun using underrated mons, I usually go good when play tours with the untiered gang. I would like to be manager cuz we need something new not this players that we know for years and play since dinosaur time. The motivation is have fun :) PSL seasons in which you participated as a player: last one 13 i think PSL seasons in which you participated as a manager: 0 #endiiimanager
  4. It isn't my part lol I just said what yall said b4. Did not people say you can't know if he is kings rock or not what makes hard to play around? I remember that clearly
  5. I don't blame the devs about that, the principal argument given by the community was "we can't play around that", now you can. The devs did what yall asked for.
  6. Ok but none of these 3 mon are wall or can stop Lucario
  7. How can Flygon be a counter of Lucario? It can't switch in any moves of Lucario and besides that a +2 E-Speed from Lucario has a 25% chance to OHKO it after 1 rocks so it can't even be considered a revenge killer. L-Linoone? +2 252 Atk Life Orb Lucario Extreme Speed vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Flygon: 127-151 (81.9 - 97.4%) -- 25% chance to OHKO after Stealth Rock Good Luck trying to keep ur Lucario's "counter" full life the entire match How would Linoone, Charizard and Sceptile increase its usage by the fact Lucario is now UU?
  8. Tiering isn't about being viable or not, it is decided by usage.
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