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  1. IGN: PedroLindoUnico Gengar Garchomp Rotom-Heat Togekiss Amoongus Carracosta
  2. OHKO by return if it miss leaf storm._. superpower (azuma with some speed) superpower return/superpoower with speed can be a problem to azuma ._. wut?
  3. Azuma can learn fling, strange, but... Azuma water plate with fling 80 power can be interesting @gbwead
  4. But, I think belly drum will be a problem in UU linoone exists and azuma too, bring a jellicent every team is boring.
  5. ok, so jellicent can counter azuma
  6. After the galar update azuma will have knock of with 65 power, I think this is a problem all this thing you said can't counter this eficiently. It's my opinion
  7. bruh ._. So tell me how to stop this things without lose many pokemon. Gatrodon was the best counter of this shits, but now ;-; to kill a belly drum azuma you may lost 2-3 pokemon
  8. With gastrodon and mandibuzz in OU i think belly drum is unstopable. Nothing UU can stop this things eficiently. Anyway my votes: ban belly drum from UU
  9. @Kyu Hi, with the dlc new moves were launched, in addition some old pokemon came back and with that they learned some moves that they didn’t learn before. Anyway, what I want to know is if moves that do not exist at the moment will be launched here in the game, as aurora veil, dual wingbeat etc. I would also like to know if Alakazam will learn nasty plot. Thanks.
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