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  1. Yes. I noticed that too. For some reason every new player has it in the early routes
  2. Not me. GF totally f*cked up the whole game this time.
  3. I would like to express my opinion.Pls excuse any grammar english is not my native.Here a list of the things i like and dont like about this game PROS -the concept alone -accesible in many devices -free to play -content in general(regions etc) CONS -no legendaries -tidius breeding -no johto -you can buy ingame curency with real money(by buying an item and then sell it for pokeyen) -the tremendous amount of grinding required to play competive and do anything basically -shiny hunting sucks cuz the chances are so low Personally i can deal with all the cons except the grinding one.I mean why do we have to grind so much just for fucking ingame currency.People need to grind for real money irl you know? so they can make a living.Games supposed to be fun and a way to spend your time doing something your like.But this is just stupid
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