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  1. Uhh..., thanks. And also why would you think it would be too OP? It would be very useful, there isn't really an OP in it, a powerful attack alone, might not be all needed.
  2. Yeah, I know so. A lot apperantly focus to add grinding in their MMO for player base, or just copy. However I don't recommend it in certain reasons. Compare it with what is doable with Minecraft. This consumeable TM thing is really annoying for setting up battle Pokemon, but mostly testing the moves. Which is kinda demotivating, however this MMO has players in the first place, so if someone wants to have an advanced battle, they are forced to grind. Grinding doesn't keep player base, it just delays certain things. What kind of player base is PokeMMO looking for? People
  3. But you wouldn't need to buy them, if they weren't consumable.
  4. I'm highly skeptical about this. MMO means "massively multiplayer online game", which does not define "grinding at all". It's MMO and not "grind something that could be left aside from grinding frustration torture whatever the thing" MMO itsself does not motivate to focus on grinidng, it infact is just a word standing around doing nothing.
  5. Long ago I made a post regarding the one time usage of the TMs. Which is everywhere, even in the regions from generations, where they be used infinitely, apperantly. It received the reply and was locked later. Now, the reason given why they're one time usage, is because of economy in MMO. Now, I've never seen someone selling TMs, but I do see people gathering them, manually, through game progress. And surprisingly, you lose the one you used. I also do not know why TMs need to be dragged inside the economy, just to maintain economy.
  6. Is the whole group working on Android? What about splitting it into two, one is Android and the other one is PC?
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