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  1. Thanks , but I would like to change some sprites of kanto trainers. I know how to edit them in photoshop but I want to know if there is a program to make them the size of a player in the kanto region (when I implement them, they come out great)
  2. Hello, I would like to know how much is the size of the trainers sprite overworld because I want to redesign Lorelei but when I try to put it in the game, it comes out larger than normal. I would also like to know if there is a special program for the design of overworld sprites. Thank you for your time, I await your prompt response

  3. I want to do sprites of trainorld overworld Ds but I don't know what programs to use and what size they are in the game. I have the overworld sprites but they are from Gba and I want to make them ds format. If some mod author could help me it would be great :D
  4. Hi, I would like to know what tool you work to edit sprites with.
  5. Nice ! Thanks you xD. Now I have to make it smaller. Do you know how many pixels a player has?
  6. Just that I need because it looks weird that Lorelei has a generic trainer girl sprite. I already created a Lorelei sprite but I don't know how to implement it xD
  7. Ok, I already have the sprites (which are from Gba). How do I modify them to be a mod for overworld sprites? In summary .. How do I make a mod xD
  8. When I entered the Pokemon League, I saw that Lorelei had a sprite (Overworld) of a generic road girl. Is it possible to edit that? I can do a sprite of Lorelei DS but I don't know how to implement it in the game
  9. Hi, how could I make a music mod with the new update? I would like to replace the default music with the ORAS and HGSS respectively
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