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  1. Hello, I wanted to ask if you know what number corresponds to the sound folder to play Sinnoh's music and melody IDs since I would like to remaster that music, thanks

  2. My proposal is as follows: Once you have finished the history of all available regions and after you have defeated the villain team of your respective region, you could open a special location where there is a mini story about what happened to the evil teams and because they are there. You would enter the dungeon of the villain team of your choice (such as the election of the member of the Elite 4 in Unova) and you would have to fight against several recruits until you find the final boss, who would have in his Team some legendary of their respective region. You could do it with between 2 people in link and the serious reward: PB, money, RP. The pokemon with whom you accepted the challenge would have a ready or could have some exclusive particle. Personally I think this proposal would be fine if they are trying to make their own dungeons and make it a good Postgame for those who love the history of the main games.
  3. Thanks , but I would like to change some sprites of kanto trainers. I know how to edit them in photoshop but I want to know if there is a program to make them the size of a player in the kanto region (when I implement them, they come out great)
  4. Hello, I would like to know how much is the size of the trainers sprite overworld because I want to redesign Lorelei but when I try to put it in the game, it comes out larger than normal. I would also like to know if there is a special program for the design of overworld sprites. Thank you for your time, I await your prompt response

  5. I want to do sprites of trainorld overworld Ds but I don't know what programs to use and what size they are in the game. I have the overworld sprites but they are from Gba and I want to make them ds format. If some mod author could help me it would be great :D
  6. Hi, I would like to know what tool you work to edit sprites with.
  7. Just that I need because it looks weird that Lorelei has a generic trainer girl sprite. I already created a Lorelei sprite but I don't know how to implement it xD
  8. Hi, how could I make a music mod with the new update? I would like to replace the default music with the ORAS and HGSS respectively
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