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  1. I understand that there were lots of projects going on and planned already but hopefully they don't write this off. It would be huge for the game. Obviously they shouldn't just drop everything. But hopefully it's under consideration as a future project.
  2. "U can do it on ur alt Afaik many people does that" There are things that make it more difficult and it is not as a all close to something that would be natively supported.
  3. This game should get native support for Nuzlockes. Yes I understand that it'd be a ton of work and that devs would need to focus on that rather than other things like regions. But so many people would benefit from this being a naturally supported thing. For example, look at Runescape they had ironman mode as an unofficial game mode that people would do by themselves. It got so popular it got implemented into the game. It brought tons of enjoyment and tons of new players enjoying that specific mode, it didn't matter that it was an MMO which encouraged training and stuff it made the game more di
  4. Not harder than the Elite 4 Rematches.
  5. i didn't see this I did the same thing...
  6. I'm not sure for a phone, but on pc it's clicking on your name in the link list and leaving.
  7. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1n4n8FZ8PcOJcPcOR8cp5Cw0w1f1XHHJ4cvzEfbkeY-g/edit?usp=sharing I compiled all the information about the elfbots movesets abilities and stats. Has the bosses at the bottom.
  8. It's kind of funny that they changed Ghost Offensive Elfbot, Now they got rid of Fake Out. Haha idk if it's worth using anymore. Now it's easy to just revert to Weather War combos and be done with it.
  9. I figured it out eventually I thinking there were only 4 phenomena only but there are actually 5
  10. I know it's just for looks and fun but I thought it would be a fun question to ask. I'd say mine is rhydon right now because it's the first Pokémon and I think it's iconic.
  11. Is it not worth it to use Pay-Day because of the text pop-ups? the 500 or so per battle seems to add up but at the same time that could be more battles per minute. Persian seems to OHKO most things even if they resist its attacks. I even use it in gym battles because it gives around 800 per pay day even though it's not the best Pokemon it does help a decent amount for my team. I use Pay Day, Return, Night Slash, Filler/Cut
  12. I know I'm missing the Phenos and I can't think of anything else I could possibly be missing except these two. I have 552 out of 558 and i've seen every pokemon it says.
  13. It seems like misdreavus and murkrow might be night time although they aren't in (BW). I couldn't get any one to confirm or deny but it took a really long time to get even one and it turned to night. It might have just been really bad luck it's a 5% encounter rate going of bulbapedia. I'm almost done with my Pokedex I just think it would be a good addition. P.S. Found both Misdreavus was apparently in another area.
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