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  1. Thanks to Dip's input, apparently you have to see all of the pokemons in Sinnoh Dex then talk to Rowan. I did this by searching which npc have pokemons i'm missing, you don't have to catch just encounter it in battles/wild.
  2. Unfortunately not, the guy still blocks the cave. Though, I think it's intended since Lucas tells u to go to Spear Pillar but obviously there's no Palkia/Dalgia so the story can't continue.
  3. So I've defeated sinnoh e4 and been to stark mountain with buck this cave was supposed to open, I was wondering if this was intended or am I doing something wrong?
  4. Couldn't find it anywhere, does anyone know?
  5. I recently discovered this vanity on trade chat and went to look on gtl turns out it's actually a thing, but this was never announced in the patch notes?? I even searched for old patch notes but there's no information on it being buyable in gift shop.
  6. I'm not quite sure if this is allowed, but there's an app that lets you resize resolution. I don't know if it works with pokemmo but I think it will if your device is rooted.
  7. Welcome, you'll spend your hours playing this game like me? Let's be friends!! ign is marniee
  8. Tired of being edgy? Want some color in your game? Secretly like pink? Just use my theme!!!!!!! Download link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1SNqluZblabJF99zUR2POCZFzmjqjd7hu?usp=sharing no need to unzip anything just download the folder!!! Screenshots of how pink it is Login Battle Trainer Card GTL, Bag, Pokemon Info PC Lastly a message from noob edit: pls download i can barely run this game in compatibility mode yet i made a theme for it!!
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