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  1. 就像上层楼说的,1不行,可以再试试等号后面继续改小,我自己的mod设置的0.56
  2. 2频养老,人也不少,它不香吗,非得乌泱泱的呆在5频看智障
  3. 11.23孵了一箱,用了两组 现在是 遭遇野怪36100 36箱,88组
  4. 11.21 刚考完期中,回来一下子肝了4箱,然后无钱了
  5. I just made a shiny Hippowdon,which is 3v0s . I was happy to see the forum today toss and turn; .Because of using my mobile phone, I need to use my fingers to turn pages.Suddenly, my Hippowdon disappeared.After that, I did experiments with a little used pokemon. Then I speculated that it might be the frequent page flipping that caused me to accidentally touch the release button and lose it directly because there was no pop-up confirmation. I read the previous cases of false touch release in the forum, it seems that I can't find it back. So I hope to appeal to the authorities to add confirmation pop-up window for the release of forum before I completely leave the game,as I've spent a lot of time on it and now I'm frustrated. Avoiding another tragedy like mine!!!
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