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  1. In-Game Name: TiburoncinDS Country: Perú Preferred Tiers: OU - UU - NU - Cheerleader Personal Note: A veces se gana, a veces se pierde, pero siempre tengo hambre Discord Tag: TibuSoul#5032
  2. Team Tag: [Pâst] Team Name: Shadow Of The Past Registered Players: VelociRapToRl, Hernjet, StokesAG, Huargensy, Fibraxxxx, Rickypoke, Devilongo, ShellUny, SiwanMS, JakiroMax, TiburoncinDS, RohMartinez, alenoobxD, waltersot, Pelkino, PoisonAbben, Personajexx, DarkarArtz. Team Captain: VelociRapToRl
  3. Team Name: ShadowOfThePast Team Tag: [Pâst] Registered Players: Fibraxxxx, PikachuKetchum, lLeviX, Clayclover, harlamgamer, TiburoncinDS, Joniton, killuacuba, JakiroMax, Rickypoke, StokesAG, RohMartinez, Hernjet, Devilongo, ShellUny, SiwanMS, DiositoSlurpuff, PoisonAbben, Teaar. Team Captain: Teaar
  4. Team Name: ShadowOfThePast Team Tag: [Pâst] Registered Players: aldahirramirez, ThuxS, Fibraxxxx, stksxcvag, VelociRapToRl, lLeviX, Rickypoke, Devilongo, JakiroMax, TiburoncinDS, Joniton, Clayclover, BlackAlanis, PoisonAbben, Joelxc, DarkarArtz, killuacuba, zAlexiiis. Team Captain: aldahirramirez
  5. Nombre del equipo: campeones pasados Capitán: Joniton Jugadores: Joniton Joelcx zXCrissXz ShellUny TiburoncinDS StokesAG BlackAlanis yushuke killuacuba kechyElias Subs: SiwanMS UsuiNE Animadoras: xXghostALONEXXX JuniorLH Hernjet PulidoX kanekiXTG
  6. Team Name: ShadowOfThePast Team Tag: [Pâst] Registered Players: VelociRapTorl, Fibraxxxx, lLeviX, AstroFaizan, JakiroMax, Rickypoke, Devilongo, PoisonAbben, Personajexx, TiburoncinDS, danieldios, Joniton, Joelxc, robertramirez, killuacuba, BlackPapucho, DarkarArtz, Pulidox, Teaar Team Captain: Teaar
  7. Team Name: ShadowOfThePast Team Tag: [Pâst] Registered Players: aldahirramirez, Thuxs, VelociRapTorl, killuacuba, harlamgamer, Fibraxxxx, DiositoSlurpuff, AstroFaizan, RohMartinez, TiburoncinDS, Rickypoke, PoisonAbben, robertramirez, Personajexx, Joniton, Elvesss, Joelxc, zAlexiiis, Rafapallet Team Captain: aldahirramirez
  8. Player one: TiburoncinDS Player two: UsuiNE Team name: The Salvatore
  9. Title: "Bad start to the week" Magby falls on the way to school. By: TiburoncinDS
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