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  1. Dark Present "I'll bring you another one," said the black-haired boy. This time he is young, you must be tired of old and low energy souls. The boy went down the stairs and left. Lampent did not understand why that human was helping him, Maik appeared 2 years ago and since then he brings a human every week so that Lampent and his friends feed. There was also something special, when Lampent wanted to feed on his soul, it was impossible for him, as if Maik did not have a soul. Lampent and the Litwicks surrounded the boy Maik brought to them, pinning him in terror. When they finish
  2. IGN: LordMaik País: Ecuador Niveles: Dubs, S/M
  3. Team Name: Haxonites Team Tag: HAX Registered Players: urquidi XondeX LordMaik YEYOxD Bremmer Team Captain: Bremmer
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