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  1. This might not come off as appealing to many, but simply put, I think the mailing system of Pokemon should be easier to transfer Pokemons to your PC. I'm loving the game to the point where I'm currently going for a Shiny Eevee and I've sold a donator pass just so I can buy a bunch of dittos for the breeding. I've bought over 300 dittos and the fact that I gotta select them in my mail, confirm to accept and then they have to be in my party just for me to go back into my PC and manually go into an empty box just to deposit them seems very repetitive. If there is a way to implement an easier way to handle bought Pokemon from the GTL such as either having the bought Pokemon go to an open PC box or have a (Select All) in the mail that sends them to the PC box with open space. Anyway that makes it easier to be put in the game I will be okay with. I respect the increased shiny rate just to make it harder for those that want it to get it, but please make this MInute situation a tad bit easier for us lol. Thanks for the Read!
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