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  1. So, now what can i do is wait until the black city available? Can you inform me how long i wait to make available?thank u sir
  2. Please really help me, what must i do to get black city? Because now i'm stuck in undella town and don't know what must to do because can not go to black city and catch legendary.
  3. What's the meaning roses are red and water is wet sir? I don't understand..so what i do now sir? Please help me sir. What must i do to get the black city? I get so many this word " This function has not been implemented yet " and i don't understand this word too sir..thank you sir
  4. Please help me, i play pokemon black in pokemmo, but i can not go to black city until now. I already get 8 gym badges,already fight elite four and N, already find the seven sage, already catch volcanora,already kill cyntia champion in sinonn.. but i still can not enter black city and can not catch the legendary pokemon in unova.please fast respon because i really want play this game.thank you sir.
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