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  1. Team Name: Phoenix Team Tag: [ENIX] Registered Players: aRdp - Susume - Gunzler - Lenonino - Kuramush - Tuuh - SerpentLord - Kupokun - Baaex - LunaDarkrose -SebbyKunnn - DragoVertex - Michelleus - Complutum - Atlewis - Xenocider - Ghostfaze - Dugzy - ghoulade Team Captain: SebbyKunnn
  2. Thank you for participating in the Showdown Rumble Congratulations to our Winners and participants, it was a lot of fun! Results: 1st MrPeruano - 770k 2nd Complutum - 220k 3rd Incognition - 110k https://challonge.com/b9q41m0e
  3. Its not like I haven't put up a decent bet in a betting thread. I haven't broken any rules 😇 Gl on your bets.
  4. Mmhm. Tell that to the man who doesn't trust "any Enix member" 😇 Double standards. Still got 3m on RareBush
  5. Thats rude, why punish new players of any team or player that wants to bet. Whats the quarrel with ENIX. Bet: 3M on RareBush and 3M on Kupo
  6. Team Name: Phoenix Team Name: [ENIX] Registered Players: SerpentLord - Kuramush - AurumPegasus - Kupokun - Crible - SharpBlue - Susume - AssasinV - Ghostfaze - Rarapihu - PrincessAria - Eeveesylvee - iZaphkiel - SebbyKunnn Team Captain: Kupokun
  7. I got 1.25M off the Dratini in GTL Might be a little off or I got lucky.
  8. Price Check? Dratini - Rash Eevee - Jolly Thanks in advance :D
  9. RESULTS - UU SerpentLord VS KozukeXX | Winner: KozukeXX Strawberrymint VS ZahirFM | Winner: ZahirFM Kupokun VS FantasmaticoXD | Winner: Kupokun OU Complutum VS Luxeher | Winner: Complutum Resqueado VS Estratsgema | Winner: Resqueado SebbyKunnn VS RobertoLlerena | Winner: RobertoLlerena
  10. Details Single Battle | OU/UU | Single - Elimation | [ENIX] & [MGod] Only | Tournament Mode This is only for the teams above, each player will use OU or UU Date & Time Tuesday, 22nd February 1AM UTC | Viridian City PC CH4 https://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/ - Time Zone Converter Registration Registrations will open 30 Minutes prior to the tournament, Contact your hosting leader to register. Clauses Evasion / Sleep / OHKO / Unique Species / Self-KO. First Place in each tier will receive 500k Hosts:SebbyKunnn
  11. Thanks for coming out Winners: 1st - Kuramush 2nd - Susume 3rd - Complutum
  12. Details - Single Battle | Single - Elimination | ENIX Only Date & Time - Saturday 4:00PM UTC Location: Iron Island CH 1 Registration - Registrations will be open 1 Hour prior to the tournament. Please Contact your host for registration. All Clauses are listed above - Host & Co-Host : @Syphre & @SebbyKunnn 1st Place Prize 1M 2nd Place Prize 500k 3rd Place Prize 300k
  13. I did. I beat the boss and went another wave before we died. We also found a 2nd part! When we all died finally it decided to only give me credit for ONE big robot part! INSTEAD of the two that we collected! Needless to say I feel like I got robbed. Not worth doing after the first boss
  14. Thanks for the catching event! P.S I found what was pinging. This Thread!
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