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  1. @Kyu @Desu can confirm the info please? thanks
  2. Are you sure about that? i read some post of Kyu and he said get a shiny pokemon depend of many factors like anti-cheat detect you if u are playing the game legit or no, OFC my old acc is banned now and they knows what accounts and others i open in my pc with the Same IP.. maybe my others New accounts are being affected with that ? i really want developers answered my question please, THANKS ALL
  3. Hello Eveyrone, can someone or Admins answer my question? im a Shiny hunter.. and i get my account Banned for using my Gaming Razer Blackwidow Keyboard for do Autokeys.. i didn't read the rules and i dont know this was ilegal in the game, then i made now a NEW Account and play the game 100% legit for still Shiny Hunt, my question is: im still able to get Shinys in my New account after get banned ? or my new account is now more hard to find them? or Cant find them ? the System change my chances to get one like 1/100.000 ? .. lol i just want to know that and dont waste time hunting shinys :D thanks all.
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