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  1. 171595


    "Character name": weckn
    "Account name": 171595
    "What were you banned from?": Game
    "When were you banned?": 24/08/2019 09


    1. Situation: I don't know what happened. I should say that I have been playing a normal game lately, unless I traded an acorn with someone the day before yesterday, but I traded it with 45,000 gold coins, and then I played NPC. It is also possible, because my elves have just hatched eggs in the past few days. The grades are a little low, and they can be repeated a little more often, but it will not cause Botting to be sealed.


    2, Memories: This is my third game account. The first one is that I have a violation of the rules. The second one is that I have too many transactions with my friends. It is a bit abnormal, I admit, but this time my game is really normal. I 'll have customer service or an administrator check it out for me.

    3, Request: This game, I played for 10 days, I never play normal games, to play normal games. I play every day in order to be with my friends and to catch up with them. According to Chinese working hours, I am basically free to play games. Maybe I want to catch up with my friends. I was mistakenly sealed because of the NPC, but I really wish I could be unsealed. If I can't unpack, maybe I won't play the game, because I'm really tired. I'm a normal game player now and I want to be treated fairly.



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