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  1. Note: Track list will be released soon. Working on Hoenn Next Introductions 1. This project is intends to cover and give Quality Music to each region. This includes hand picked Remastered / Remixed Fan Tracks and Official Tracks. 2. The Music included in any of these mods will have an intended theme, and will have music / remixes that will fit into that theme. So say I have a mod that covers the OST for Pokemon Lets Go! Pikachu / Eevee. It will have tracks that are in the same range of quality to fit along with the other music. (Tl;DR Don't expect out of place music in these mods) 3. The Music included in any of these mods will be audio balanced around certain Music Volume. Luckily for me that volume turned out to only be very slightly louder then in the original game. I'm talking less then 5 percent. 4. The Music included in any of these mods will be extended to a not ridiculous amounts of time, but long enough to where very short loops won't be noticeable. This also makes the file size larger, but I felt it was worth it, considering you often won't hear the beginning of a battle theme 3+ times during that battle. Same goes with the other tracks. 5. I noticed many other music mods have too long of an empty space between the start of the song, aka. The song takes a second to start up, I fixed this for the tracks in my mod. Mods TDG General Music 1.0 Adds New Music to the Menu, PvP Battle, and Some Shared Tracks between regions like the Evolution theme. {Remaster / Remix Credit goes to Artist, Zame.} http://www.mediafire.com/file/oslvzgwie2cc8g0/TDG_General_Music.mod/file Kanto Music Mods - TDG Lets Go!+ 1.0 Includes Music mostly from Pokemon Lets Go! But certain songs have been replaced or added. Notable ones, are many remastered tracks for the Sevii Isles portion of the game. {Remaster / Remix Credit goes to Artists, Zame, VanilluxePavilion, gameonion.} http://www.mediafire.com/file/8zq7476dc9f5vq9/TDG_Lets_Go%21%2B.mod/file
  2. Would be a good idea, there are plenty of IDs that would be fun to test out.
  3. oh I think I know what the problem is here. Does spectating a match, and playing a pvp match, use a different Song ID? I was trying to test out my mod in spectate and it just played the trainer battle theme. I don't think I even have the pokemon set up to attempt a PVP match. So I don't know how I would have attempted to test it otherwise.
  4. Ah I remember doing something like this for one of my projects, due to modification constraints we had a forced system that needed the Numerical ID of the songs to be next to each other in a playlists. In a situation where the ID couldn't be put next to each other, we overcome that limitation by creating empty slots that would redirect to to another song in the playlists. The difference being this would instead have check for a custom ID, then redirect if that check is not fulfilled. Anyways If that's possible yeah that would be cool. Although it would still require you change the ID to 1168, since if you just do that over the trainer battle music, we'd end up with the same problem unless your able to get the ID Check to detect whether your playing in PVP, and not in PVE mode.
  5. Can you change the PVP Battle Music to ID 1168: Wifi-Battle. (Aka a repeat of Unova Trainer Battle) This would put a static slot for the wifi battle music instead of changing between region. Currently you'd need to change every Regions Trainer Battle OST to your custom song in order to make the PVP battle music consistent, and change like this would allow music mod creators to make wifi battles feel a little more special without compromising each regions music. If you don't want or Can't have the PVP battle Music to be on the same slot, it would be easy to have it be the same song and put them on different slots. ID 1163: & ID 1164 seem to be unused repeats of the Unova Trainer Battle theme. Just tell us which IDs are for which region, and we'll be able to utilize them.
  6. Eggplant, What did you use to normalize your audio. Mp3gain doesn't require metadata, and it works on all platforms, but it effects sound quality. Replaygain doesn't effect sound quality, but uses metadata, and I don't know if it works with PokeMMO, I think it should though considering its just playing the track.
  7. 1. That was a meme. 2. I understand why johto was bypassed, I understand why it will be a long time before such a thing is conceivable, but unless we are going to gen 6+, there is nothing else to add, and I believe there's enough out cry to warrant the region being included someday. That's why the devs don't out right say no to it ever happening. 3rd. Its not everyone opinion, don't act like your the arbiter of the consensus; Put out pull out and ask, should Johto be in pokemmo someday, and I bet there are plenty of casual and hardcore players alike who love this game and want one of their favorite region to be in some day. 4. This topic isn't even about Johto being likely, its about HGSS Kanto, and B2/W2 hypothetical implementation.
  8. General question, do you need separate posts on the forum in order to have to have separate downloaded mods work. Say I make a music mod and I want separate downloads for regions people can pick from, and they all work together. However I want them to be on the same forums.pokemmo page.
  9. They could, but then we would miss out on all the kanto events in hgss. Also the visual and music upgrade.
  10. I said most likely. I really doubt that Johto would never be added to the game, even if the dev's don't wanna comment about it. It'll just most likely be the last region added. The only case I could see this not happening, is if they were forced to stop working on the game. Whether that be because of personal or legal reasons.
  11. Wouldn't that kind of ruin the immersion, there's more to a game then functionality.
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