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  1. IGN: Jaafri Country : Morocco (Western sahara) Tiers: (NU OU UU)
  2. hmm did lorelli used tailwind ? idk anyway it is working in pvp (tournament mode battle) it might happen in pve but in pvp its working fine
  3. Ae you sure your Excadrill 's ability is "sand rush" and not "sand force" ?
  4. Team Name: ZapdosRegistered Players: Jaafri & Magikkk
  5. IGN: jaafri Time Zone (GMT format): +1 Tiers: OU / UU / NU Fluff: lets have a battle to be proud of
  6. they say until 5th nov that means until 23:59 of today (11/05/2019) not in (11/04/2019)
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