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  1. This week we decided to change up the formula for the video. It's a lot shorter and snappier but you can still see how we're getting on in the Kanto region. This week we're asking Which location would make a good Pokemon region? Please comment on the video and next we'll be discussing all your answer. We hope you enjoy. We had a lot of fun with this weeks episode. We talk about Pokemon nightclubs, the tabletop rpg PTU (Pokemon Tabletop United) and I think we had some brilliant location ideas.
  2. This week we ask Whats the best use of a Pokémon move? We had a tun of comments about custom gyms and they were all really amazing ideas.
  3. Yeah it helped a tun. Thanks. I think we're just really enjoying playing the old game again. I'm remembering absolutely nothing so it's great playing it again almost fresh. Keep getting told where to go off Nolly and my wife.
  4. We got a tun of replies to last week's question on the PokéMMO subreddit. We've read them all out this week as there was some amazing answers and then asked If you had a custom gym, what would it be like?
  5. Thank you so much for the support last week. This week we want to know What you've been up too? and If you had any Pokemon's abilities. Which one would it be? Reading out your comments was really fun.
  6. Myself and Nolly run a tiny Youtube channel where we play a few games here and there. I had played PokeMMO in the past and suggested to him grabbing the game so we could play Pokemon together. Before I had even made a character, this community had helped me out a tun and now I get to run around with Cubone as my starter Pokemon. I honestly couldn't be happier! As a thank you we've started a new series called Poké Reiver & Nolly where we read out the comments from the last video and give shout outs to people in the PokeMMO community. We also answer a random question to keep thi
  7. Hi. Just thought I'd say hello to everyone on the forum. The community has already been super nice so far and absolutely loving playing Kanto again, even if I am only up to Brock xD
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