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  1. First of all, thanks a lot for all the useful info you have provided! You have all kept to the topic and did so impeccably. Keep the posts coming if there's even more! I see, is there someone who has all of those on one account? Is there no intention to ever bring them back or make them tradeable period? Do items change each holiday event or has it ever happened that a past item came back? Bummer, will they ever come back? Or the staff clearly said it wont happen? Uh, it makes sense since it can't be bred. How was it obtained btw? Was it a GIFT pokemon? Or is it tradeable? I'll quote you directly regarding Fredrich's posted items. Are those items he listed all tradeable aside from Pillar of Hats and Santa suit? It's both good and bad news for a collector :( But i guess no account can have every item now, can it? So the truly "gone forever aside from those who got it" items are those Tyrone listed or is there more missing to such a list? Any reason why they wont come back or a source to where the devs claim they wont come back? What about the Regi dolls? Glad you brought it up, but as long as it's GM/staff only i'm good. One way to have a 100% account with EVERYTHING would be to become GM now that you mention it! Of course you could never trade and it'd be pointless to have everything gained in an instant, but technically can't they just spawn every item?
  2. I'd like to try PokeMMO out, and i'm a borderline-OCD collectionist. While i'll enjoy the game anyway, id like to have a full list of items/pokemon/cosmetics/anything that is no longer obtainable by any means. If the item/whatever was unique but is still tradeable DO NOT INCLUDE IT, as it can techincally still be obtained. Same for Gift shop items that are still purchasable. I've asked some friends that are already playing, and by the looks of it the following are not obtainable anymore by any means: -) GIFT Pokemon from official events: however, they also told me that some pokemon can be offered as prizes again, so techincally a GIFT ribbon pokemon could come back -) Some coins from an old event that you could use to buy prizes: however they told me that devs plan to remove them later on since they are now worthless but could be used for scamming (aka why they can't be traded). Unless the event is coming back? But in that case they coins would be obtainable once more, no? I don't know what event i'm talking about, i'm just telling what i've heard from my friends. However, i'd like to know from either Devs/Mods or from experienced player of a complete list. Even stuff like a "Beta tester" title on your account, a cosmetic that is not coming back but was purchasable back then, a currency or item that cannot be traded and is no longer obtainable, a unique ribbon... you get the idea, i need a COMPLETE list of such things. Thanks in advance and sorry for the very weird question, anything can help, but please be sure about your info before posting it to avoid disinformation.
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