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  1. You can put all the legendary ones in the Uber category, and so we could all catch them all, but it is easier to always throw the project in the trash and say that this "will ruin the competitive one". As usual.
  2. Hi, is there a possibility to update this theme? It is very good to leave it forgotten ...
  3. Hi, are you still working on this mod to include all the front sprites?
  4. In my opinion the comparison does not make sense, PokeMMO and TemTem are very different games, I doubt that the latter represents a threat to PokeMMO, so it would not make sense to think that they released the update to "frustrate" the launch of another completely different game.
  5. I have already downloaded it but the game tells me that it is not updated for my version and cannot be used, help, I just tried it. :(
  6. Nobody says that the error is of the system, each one is responsible, but if we can avoid bad moments for the players then it is something favorable, but hey, each one is free to think as he wishes based on what I think is right to implement To the game, good day.
  7. I do not understand such denial, anyone can make a mistake by sending an email, it can happen to anyone, even you. Personally, I think it's a good idea, it has never happened to me but I do know people who have lost things by sending them to the wrong email.
  8. Am I the only one who has problems with the file? I have downloaded it from several browsers (Chrome, Opera, FireFox) in all it tells me that no files were found or that it is damaged, help :(
  9. The theme is fantastic, although I would recommend changing the coach card interface, the white background is unattractive and the badge section looks very pixelated, outside of that it is great, thank you very much.
  10. Sorry to write in English, I hope you can help me, the original theme is not up to date and I really need this theme in my game, I tried to download it but I couldn't, could someone upload it to a more accessible download platform? Thank you very much.
  11. Without offending, that is a stupid argument, they always say the same thing, in this game most passenger events were always made several days before the date and several days later ...
  12. It will come out tonight or tomorrow, anyway it seems a bad move to release the event in the middle of the week, since the game is more inactive, but hey, it's time to wait.
  13. Could someone update the Insipi'P5? It's too good a theme... :(
  14. Hello, I would like a complete signature, with thematic of my favorite character, Kid Flash. I will send you the details by private message. Thank you.
  15. Did you try to change the email affiliated with the account? I had a similar problem when I changed my PC and lost my email, changed the email (you need the old email and your password) and the access code came to the new email that I put in, I hope it helps.
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