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  1. Could someone update the Insipi'P5? It's too good a theme... :(
  2. Hello, I would like a complete signature, with thematic of my favorite character, Kid Flash. I will send you the details by private message. Thank you.
  3. Did you try to change the email affiliated with the account? I had a similar problem when I changed my PC and lost my email, changed the email (you need the old email and your password) and the access code came to the new email that I put in, I hope it helps.
  4. I understand now, I will try to see how it works, thank you very much!
  5. Sorry for the inconvenience, could you explain how to build the mod with the update? I could not understand the publication of Desu, I have all the Mp3 files, with their respective ID, but nothing happens, the music remains the same.
  6. Someone could update this mod?, since the problem was solved with the recent update, I tried but I couldn't do it ...
  7. I do not think it affects much, in pokemmo you can not put movements or skills beyond the fifth generation, maybe the stats, but I doubt that happens, since the eighth generation games do not include all the pokemon, and in the case that there are changes of stats would be to balance the balance with those pokemon that they put in the game.
  8. Hello, I would like to request one more theme, if possible, I am fascinated with your work, I had never used themes and this really gives me another much more fun vision of the game. IGN: ChicoFlash Theme Subject: Pastel Yellow Color/s: Pastel Yellow whit Pastel Red details. Text : This type of letters or similar (all white) Note: that the battle interface where the text goes is transparent pastel yellow. Note: Put this image in the beginning: https://wall.alphacoders.com/big.php?i=670040 Donation : 150k
  9. I really loved it! I will send my donation right now, thank you very much!
  10. Hello, I have seen your work and I would like to ask you something that you will surely enjoy doing. IGN: ChicoFlash Theme Subject:The Flash (Arrowverse series) Color/s:Red-White and Yellow Text : Some square font similar to the series logo would be great. Note: Put Killer Frost (Serie) in the background on the pc. And put SuperGirl along with flash on the trainer card please. Donation : 120k (I would like to give more but my economy is shredding right now. I'm in no hurry so take your time, thank you very much.)
  11. Hello, I would like a mod that changes the music of kanto for the music of Pokemon Let's Go! In a loop if possible, I am willing to pay if you manage to avoid crashing the game, thanks in advance.
  12. If you refer to the history of each region, that makes no sense, the legendary ones are usually obtainable after the league, so they are at high levels, they could not be used to "destroy history" when we have level limits. All this can be configured to maintain a balance and that we can use our legendary without any repercussion, it is just a matter of using the head.
  13. I honestly believe that they should include all the legendary, put them in uber, and make them not interchangeable, in this way they do not affect anyone and we can all capture our own legendary. Capturing a legendary implies a very important challenge, and it is very significant for this saga, I think everyone should have the right to have one for themselves, my opinion.
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