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  1. Fast response and great communication ! would rec 100%
  2. whisper me ingame brother (wHoooZ) , im online all day , we can work something .
  3. great lad , would rec 100% , as a ev trainer myself .
  4. @finished all oders , let me know if you guys need something ingame or here
  5. @Open for ev training guys , let me know here or whisper me ingame (name) (wHoooZ) or discord Domide#7308
  6. 100% agree with this also
  7. lot's of way's of doin money tbh , the time is the only problem
  8. @i wont be takin any more orders for now , ima finish what i got , will post when im up again ! thank you
  9. @just woke up , will continue now . feel free to text me anytime
  10. @brothers , iv been trainin 13h . im going to sleep and continue when i wake up , will post here when im up . do not worry , all orders are and will be done .
  11. amazing brother , will recommend your services to all ppl i know . i like it 100% . Keep it up
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