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  1. Subscribe , comment , like i would app anything , i post music evryday . If you like this kind of music feel free to do it ! Thanks
  2. Members 596 posts Posted June 8 IGN: wHoooZ Country: Romania Tiers: OU, NU Notes: zBiiF
  3. @DrakeHope LC: MullenYu vs MonkeyDMathew = 200K i take this one
  4. OU: ZireaelCiri vs Endiii 1m on endii Dubs: reliefgouai vs Lactosoid 1m on Lacto
  5. i agree with you , it would be nice .
  6. wHoooZ


    good time to join the game , good luck .
  7. i find that you suffer more bcuz evasion ability's are not workin on mons so you can't abuse them , so you needed to put the blame on something , haha idk if that's true , that's just me ...
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