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  1. Do you like shinies? Ever felt bothered that something so rare should feel like a burden to carry around? Excessive weight loss from running back and fourth to the PC? Hey Trainers! We know that shinies are ultra rare fair so it's only natural that you'd want to show them off wherever you go, and now you can with the new shiny case! Since shinies are so rare and expensive, it's nearly impossible for average trainers to breed them into something worthy of a coveted slot in their ultra competitive teams. With shiny case, simply drag and drop your shinies into the box to use them anywhere without taking up a slot on your team! The shiny case makes it so that those coveted pokemon are never too far away for a mad flex on your rivals! The pokemon will stay in your PC, but by interacting with the case, you can select it as a follower or just stare at its summary BECAUSE WHO WOULDN'T!? Use the patented chat link feature to show everyone in the world how lucky you are SRIF™ With awesome inventions like this, shinies are sure to be even more sought after than ever before! Never feel burdened again, buy shiny case today! Fine print: Pokemon stored in shiny case may not be used in battle, nor for HM use outside of battle, all pokemon stored in shiny case may only be used as follower or linked in chat. Shiny case is not liable for any injuries caused directly or indirectly from use of shiny case.
  2. Invert Sinnoh bike controls (goes fast normally, hold B to go slow) Search/sort by total IVs in GTL and PC (X/186)
  3. I agree and also being able to search/sort by total IVs (X/186) makes ditto farming/budget breeding/catching contests much easier.
  4. Ok but still, it's going to take time to show "Gyarados's intimidate... Wild Tentacruel, Tentacruel and Tentacruel's attack fell... Wild Tentacruel and Tentacruel's stats weren't lowered.." At which point, is it giving you any relevant information? Are you really going to use the knowledge that one Tentacruel's attack is lowered and the other is not? Are you going to be able to keep track of which one was lowered or not within the few frames it is displayed? And if you are, then you could just toggle the suggested feature off in the options menu. Your suggestion implies a lot more work while the result is time still being wasted to show redundant information. Changing the way abilities are grouped would have to be applied, tested, and debugged for many different abilities, not just intimidate, in order to achieve consistency. Perhaps simply unlocking player controls and allowing them to execute their attack during these popups could be an alternative fix. Also, I will add here, if there is a critical hit during the first turn in a horde encounter and the pokemon would be knocked out, it shouldn't show "A critical hit!" that or it should be something like "Gyarados defeated 5 pokemon at the same time! 2 critical hit(s)" It's not as important but would make things a little smoother by removing redundant information.
  5. The recent change to hordes is great, shaving literally hours off the grind to level 100, but a few snags still exists. For instance, leveling a Gyarados takes around 35% longer than other pokemon since it is locked into the ability intimidate which procs for every pokemon in the horde. It's even worse when grinding Tentacruel as it's clear body ability adds even more time to the encounter. This .GIF shows how Gyarados takes longer to level than other species just because of its ability: https://giphy.com/gifs/gWvEl6QtB3u4cpGCs9/fullscreen A typical pokemon will take about 333 horde encounters with exp share to reach the 1,000,000 exp needed for level 100. Without the ability intimidate, this would take about 1hr 51min. With intimidate it will take 2hr 29min, an extra 38 minutes. Perhaps an option to disable ability procs being displayed during wild horde battles should be implemented. I can hardly think of a time I would want ability procs to be shown during a wild encounter, but if I did I could always toggle it on or off in the options menu. The alternative would be to rework how combat logs every different ability found in wild encounters, a more thorough fix but also more arduous and prone to bugs and subsequent debugging. If I know I'm going to be hunting something which has an annoying ability popup on each encounter, I can just enable this option first to save time and make my hunt more efficient. If you know of any other ability interactions like intimidate which cause unnecessarily long encounters while grinding hordes or hunting in general, put it in the comments.
  6. Haha, I was just using your EV training guide and now I see you've replied to my post, I feel honored XD Yeah, I figure this is just a general Idea of how to do a sweet scent ocarina without making leppa berries and sweet scent pokemon obsolete. They definitely could automatically refill or hold a large number of berries, but I didn't suggest it because that might be viewed as a little too powerful. The draw to this item is being able to have sweet scent with you no matter what pokemon are in your party, and the price doesn't have to be 1000 RP; It could be 200 like every other ocarina. I love ocarinas, I recently traded mine to an alt while I clear story on that character and I can't tell you how many times I have to go back to PC on my main and get my flight or surf mon out just to travel, it's frustrating. The same is true for sweet scent. I was hired to do some EV training/leveling but at least two slots in my party have to be taken for traveling and sweet scent while I'm trying to train six pokemon for the client. That's a lot of extra trips, especially in the long run. I figure donation is a voluntary way to support the game and something as useful as this should sell without offering a significant advantage over the current mechanics. It's an extra party/move slot you can fill with something you want rather than an obligatory sweet scent. It's not having to worry about having to go back to the PC and swap out mons just to sweet scent. 1000 RP, 200 RP, non-existent, at the end of the day the devs will do whatever they see fit.
  7. Ocarinas are a great reward for donation, they free up slots for better moves and allow us to have our best setup ready to go should we stumble upon Cynthia in a random Undella Town cottage. One ocarina that has been highly requested is the sweet scent ocarina. It would free up precious party space for stronger pokemon or eggs during those lengthy shiny hatching hunts. In order to make the ocarina Fair™ it should still require leppa berries to use. Sorry, I'm not a graphics artist. One leppa berry adds two charges with six charges max, just like a normal sweet scent 'mon. It should share charges with the sweet scent move and come with 0/6 charges when bought or traded to prevent exploitation. Visiting a pokemon center should reset the charges to 6/6 like it would a regular 'mon. For 1,000 RP and the above specifications, it should be a balanced alternative to lugging around a sweet scent mon or wasting a move slot. The incense burner should have no impact on how sweet scent is used or the leppa berry economy other than freeing up move and party slots, just like ocarinas. Hopefully the most requested move ocarina can one day be realized and sweet scent hunters will rejoice for the added convenience!
  8. By default, the trade chat accumulates posts in the background regardless of which channel potential buyers are in. There is no reason to post the same thing more than every 5 minutes since we can scroll up and check all the most recent posts. Currently, it's very hard to read trade chat as it becomes a pissing contest to see who can post their offer most frequently. Potential buyers are faced with countless pages of the same 4-5 offers, trying to read in-between them just to find something unique. We could see a much cleaner, diverse, and inclusive list should a simple cooldown be introduced. It's a win-win, buyers get a better list of offers to look at, and those sellers currently spamming to "stay visible" can relax and do something else for five minutes.
  9. Breeding is one of the most used features in the game and I think these changes could make the process feel less clunky. A typical 5x31 natured breed requires 56 bracers to be placed. Players who have accumulated a lot of items have an even harder time scrolling through the list every time they need to place a bracer. The current process is time consuming and can easily lead to mistakes. Why not be able to right click an IV and place the bracer that way? This change will save a lot of headaches and stop punishing players for, or pushing them to avoid, accumulating a lot of items. The same could be done for everstones: Wow, so much easier, cleaner, and less susceptible to mistakes! Finally, if you multi-select two pokemon in your PC and open their summary, they should open directly to the IV tab and side-by-side. It may seem small, but this will easily eliminate several hundred redundant clicks and drags from the breeding process. I hope these suggestions can help make placing those 56 bracers (and 6 everstones) feel better than ever before!
  10. I'm not sure what realm you're living in, but that's not what I said at all. It was a hypothetical situation that illustrates how the current mechanics of thief are counter intuitive. I know you're being sarcastic but you actually proved my point, the current mechanics of thief don't make sense. I Have a frisk Pokemon that I like- I've bred it, I've put particles on it, but the current mechanics of thief actually punish me for doing so. Instead I am expected to carry a bunch of expendable junkmon just to do thieving. Could someone at least answer the question, why is it like this? Why we can't just use thief even if the wild pokemon is knocked out?
  11. Why doesn't thief work on a wild pokemon if it's fainted? Why should you be punished for leveling your pokemon? Having to maintain and carry around varying levels of pokemon with thief is counter intuitive. God forbid you run into a shiny with your level 30 thiefer in the top slot, then you'll be forced to sacrifice your thiefer's level to catch the shiny. I think thief should work on wilds even if they faint.
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