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  1. Thank you for all the answers! To be honest when I did the maths, I was thinking about my USUM Team, where I run a Mega-Aerodactyl, so you all are right when you say Rock Slide may be better for fast sweepers and Stone Edge for not that fast sweepers ( i.e. my Rhyperior runs SE xD )
  2. Hello, I have been calculating some data regarding these movements. Here I bring you my conclusions ( also, feel free to correct me ) Stone Edge Damage: 100 Accuracy: 80% Extra: 12.5% crit rate Rock Slide Damage: 75 Accuracy: 90% Extra: 30% flinch _____________ So starting with Stone Edge, let's imagine we use this move 100 times. Over this 100 times, 20 will fail for the accuracy, so we hit 80 times. And over this 80 times, 10 result in a critical ( 12.5% ): 70 x dmg + 10 x 2dmg = 7000 + 2000 = 9000 damage total. And now, Rock Slide. Again, we use this move 100 times. Over this 100 times, 10 will fail for the accuracy, so we hit 90 times. And over this 90 times, 27 result in a flinch ( 30% ) that guarantees us to hit again for free, so, double damage, but over this 27, again 3 will fail for the 90% accuracy, and also the resting 24 will result in a 6 times flinching, but only 5 will hit etc... but let's stop at the first flinch: 63 x dmg + 24 x 2dmg = 8325 damage total ( stopping at the first flinch ). So Stone Edge seems to be more powerful, but we can't calculate the damage we AVOID every time we make the enemy flinch. Maybe we hit with SE, the enemy survives and he kills us, but if we hit with rock side and the enemy flinches, we can hit again, we survive and he dies, etc. So for me, Rock Slide is slightly better just for this reason. EDIT1: I jut realized Rock slide can also crit, having a 6.75% chance, so... I'm pretty sure this puts Rock Slide far from Stone edge now.
  3. 1- In original Gen IV games we had a underground mini-game where you could set traps to ther players ( unoffensive traps, like they send you flying behind the wall and that stuff ), you could have a secret base, and even find fossiles and other items. 2- Adding new Pokémon to the game is always a positive thing ( Sinnoh starters, Drapion, Drifblim, Toxicroak, Gastrodon... ) 3- A brand new story for all players who never played this generation ( and let me tell you Gen IV is awesome ) 4- Probably new vanities ( I hope so xD )
  4. Hello, this is awesome but Zebstrika backsprite has an sparkling error... can you fix it? It is like a black screen going in and out every few seconds... it's very disgusting :(
  5. Hello, does someone know how can I have only HD models for Gen 1-4 Pokemon? Leaving Gen V as they are originally.
  6. Good morning fellow trainers, first of all, I am a spaniard player so... sorry for my english ( I know we all say that but... xD ) I have been reading about the one-time consumable items like Focus Sash and I discovered that they consume ( outstanding ) after use, even in PvP. So I read this is for economy purposes, since this game is a MMO and all that stuff, and I kinda agree with that. But I would like to ask, how many consumable items exist ( only the ones used in PvP ) and how much does each cost? And how many BP do you adquire when you win a Battle Frontier battle, or a duel...? I know you get 3500 when you first defeat E4, but after that I don't know ( I only won Kanto and Hoenn leagues, atm I am doing my Unova run ) For example, let's tlak about Focus Sash. Focus Sash price: 100BP Win per match on BF: 500BP Win per match on PvP duel: 200BP Win per X: ____ BP And that for EVERY consumable item used in PvP purposes ( not including berries since we can just farm them ). These numbers are not real, they are just an example of what I am looking for. Can I look for this info somewhere, or can someone explain me? Thank you!
  7. Omg guys I love you so much <3 Thanks!!
  8. Hello fellow trainers, I am a spaniard player, and I am able to read [ES] and [EN] channels, but I can only write on [ES] channel. How can I write in [EN] channel? I would love to be able to speak with both of the players base ^^
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