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  1. Thank you! Full EV training done within about 2 hours. Fast and no problems with trading etc.
  2. Perfect! Can't play again until Thursday evening, so I'm going to send you the meowth somewhere around that time then.
  3. Servers are up.. And btw. your screenshot doesn't show anything except the normal login screen.. You should be able to play. Nothing down.
  4. Meowth EV training to 252 Attack 252 Init. 6 Sp. Attack Without evolving. Still 50k? @Esranius
  5. Nope.. Just added a custom background to the login screen.. But otherwise I changed nothing..
  6. Thats weird.. For me their aren't..
  7. Okay wasn't really sure where to put that ^^ Thx.
  8. It's pretty easy doing that yourself.. Even tho that is quite old it still works! Give it a try. (Don't forget to backup.. There can always be some odd reason for it to break everything.)
  9. Can you somehow make the icons, in the bottom right corner, permanently colored? -> Instead of being grey and getting colored when you hover them, having them permanently colored.
  10. Don't worry! I just personally don't really like green, completely personal opinion! Don't change it, as I suppose a LOT of other people love it the way it is. Also I didn't say by any means that it looks bad. Still looks incredibly good! And true the green is really necessary for the "zombie aspect" so overall the zombie part is perfectly executed. PS: Didn't quite realize that this theme is also done with a premise. So of course the green is important for the zomie part. Keep it up
  11. Not gonna lie.. Looks really good, even though I'm not the biggest fan of green (at all actually)! But besides my hatred for green the theme looks incredibly nice. On a sidenote: I would love to see 8-Bit Pixels next, although BotW sounds equally awesome!
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