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  1. I feel like there are much better ways to have fun in an MMO than to lose a few million on a misclick... The game shouldn't need "small oofs" to be fun
  2. This thread is probably a VERY late A P R I L F O O L S J O K E Holy fucking shit this website is AIDS
  3. Roses are red Water is wet This function has not been implemented yet
  4. But AI gets hacks and can "predict" some moves and throw out a pokemon that resists it
  5. True. You can abuse having a counter to super effective switch ins. Like a water move on a grass type or flying move on a water type
  6. Agreed. No more starter sweeps, now you need more than just a high level starter for some gyms. Which is a nice change from the main series, where just going ham with your starter will win against most gyms
  7. Steelix is amazing as a wall. It is hands down the best wall at that tier IIRC, with tons of resistances and 2 immunities (to toxic/toxic spikes and electric moves) A good set for steelix would be Relaxed nature (lower speed, don't worry, you don't need that speed anyways) with max EVs in HP and defense, with 6 in attack For moves, try: earthquake, it crushes lots of pokemon, and usually can force a swap gyro ball, it turns a weakness (slow speed) into an advantage, what more can you ask for? stealth rock, abuses the fact that you can force swap outs dragon tail, since taunt users outspeed and force you to attack, dragon tail gets around taunt
  8. Scizor doesn't really need speed, as it will get bullet punch for priority and with a BS speed of 65, you won't be outspeeding much. But it obviously depends on the set you are running. Some offensive swords dance sets pack max speed (including EVs) as well as jolly nature, also scarf sets pack max speed. But since your nature is Adamant, you probably don't care about speed What do you want your Gliscor to do?
  9. How about no? Trainers are supposed to be a challenge cause in the main games, AI was so bad that it was meme worthy
  10. A halloween event AND sinoh would be like heaven...
  11. Exactly why it needs to be 100%, because luck shouldn't make you waste a ton of pokeballs for no reason. Also yea my luck leaves a lot to be desired
  12. I think the main problem is that it's a LOT of effort but they aren't sure how to make money off of it.
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