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  1. I think the main problem is that it's a LOT of effort but they aren't sure how to make money off of it.
  2. After beating E4 seems like a fair time to unlock legendaries. As long as they don't flood PVP, then it's OK. Maybe custom tournements will have legendary rules or something
  3. No thanks. Sinoh is already gonna add many new toys to play with
  4. Just have all the legendaries but ban them from PVP and tournements. So nothing changes PVP wise but story wise you get a lot more toys to play around with
  5. Luckily for you, Salamance has such a wide movepool that a mixed set can fit into a lot of teams. I wouldn't worry about what to run on mixed Sal, as it can plug any holes in your team. I would start with a strong defensive core and a strong offensive core, then work to fit salamance into it all. Salamance is great in that it can really fit any role with tons of good coverage moves. You got draco meteor, crunch, hydro pump, fire blast, and lots of other strong moves to play around with.
  6. You NEED rapid spin or defog if you want the slightest chance of using volcarona. You want something that can tank super effective hits and resist them, you want something that complements it well. You also want firey dance as it lets you exploit stallers by massively boosting special attack. A good ally could be a drought user to weaken water based moves and make volcarona's STABs even greater. Works even better with firey dance because if they try and stall out the sun, you can just keep boosting to stallbreak. Tentacruel is a great ally. It resists strong water attacks (like rain boosted hydro pumps) as well as clearing the deadly stealth rocks. Also it lays toxic spikes which will help deal with any pokemon that think they can take advantage of volcarona and stick around to boost up.
  7. Depends. Sometimes I color coordinate. Kingdra gets a dive ball and pelipper gets a dive ball. Some get balls that are ###, skarmory gets luxary ball and hydreigon gets a dusk ball. Whatever looks cool
  8. Hordes make finding shiny pokemon a lot easier. More shiny pokemon of one species means that the price of them is much lower
  9. If you use a lot of faster baton pass users and stack up boosts well, then give them to a bulky sweeper with perfect coverage, then you can probably get away with not switching out and just letting brute force do the work
  10. I agree that ditching dragon dance for a mixed Sal is a good idea
  11. Depends on which E4. But basically baton pass boosting is about as easy as it gets. What you want is a really strong bulky attacker (like metagross) that gets crazy boosts and can OHKO anything that doesn't resist it. Then get a fast mon with something like heat wave to clean up any focus sash users
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