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  1. Having this feature in-game would be a very welcome quality-of-life addition. Like how we can see 'mon locations and moves it can learn in the 'dex. And the less we have to switch to another window to check something, the better. I use a controller to play cause it's simply more relaxing and chill, I can lean back and relax, but every time I gotta lean forward, put it down and go to my mouse/keyboard again it does get kinda old. 1st world problems, I know right. It would certainly save time if you don't already have a(up to date) resource at your disposal, too. As some guides for Pmmo are nightmarish to find on your own.
  2. I've actually done some thinking about this idea on my own but you beat me to making a thread about it. A daily login reward is a good system to have. I play/played a lot of games with one and it's always a nice feeling getting something for free, regardless of the usefulness. Having a daily login system with fixed rewards that slowly escalate with a few really good rewards (like each month has a refresh of rewards) sprinkled throughout/at the end gives you something to look forward to. Some people say it'd be a balance issue but this would be an easy thing to plan around; simply don't drop stuff that's overpowered in whatever way you wish to see if. You could even have the rewards be untradeable to further alleviate the worries of people abusing the system to get free stuff to sell.(which'd be worthless on the GTL anyways) And again, the drops can easily be made fair. For example, maybe Day 1 can be like 4 Poke Balls and 1 Great Ball. Not OP for a noobie, and for a veteran/late-gamer it's still free stuff to throw at a mon that didn't cost anything to acquire. Even basic evolution stones(fire, water, grass, electric moon) would be an incredible convenience to have. Something easy to have in the system would be something like a cool backpack/bag that you can't get anywhere else. It wouldn't affect gameplay, but if you want that swag then there it is. Daily challenges on the other hand, I'm typically not a fan of. Most are more tedious than the worth of the payout. They'd need a strong incentive to be bothered with, especially to veterans/late gamers(which most games really don't pay enough attention to) As for the "people will just login then leave" argument, that's not wholly wrong but it still gets the person to login at all, when they wouldn't otherwise. And you can't dismiss the "While I'm here—" feeling people often get now that they've already mentally committed some time to the game. Maybe they'll notice it's the time of day they need to catch something they still need, maybe suddenly feel like going out and fighting repeat battles for money. And the more time somebody has in-game, the more likely they are to look at something like a Donator Status badge or a fancy hat and go "Y'know what... yeah. Yeah, I think it's time I got one." and bam, you got that person's money by simply giving them a small incentive to login. And at the end of the day, a game like Pmmo with no up-front cost needs money to live.
  3. The PC Box system does annoy me sometimes. My personal setup is, Box 1 = mons I use for fighting(my level 100's or ones training to be) Box 2 = mons that need evolving Box 3+= mons that I'm keeping Having mons I catch automatically go to Box 1 is a bit annoying especially when there are 'holes' in the box and all my freshly-caught mons aren't all at the end of the box. Being able to even just set a 'primary go-to' Box would be a huge QoL thing to me, as opposed to automatically going to the lowest-numbered box.(wasn't this a thing in original Gen 2?)
  4. This is just me, but I actually like that aspect. I like seeing what other people are doing but they have no sway over my world at all. Like when I do Eevee hunting it's nice to see I'm not alone, other people are suffering too, but they're not able to do what most MMORPG's let players do; kill each other, mess with spawns, generally be a nuisance.
  5. There really needs to be a "I love it but it just needs more" option. Maybe even an "I love it but I'm taking a break until the next content drop" like I'm sure many people are doing. I chose "Other", I loved it but once I beat all 3 leagues, amassed more wealth than I know what to do with, got and trained every pokemon I like, I just... ran out of stuff to do. I'm not a completionist so the "catch them all!" goes over my head and I loathe PvP so that's that
  6. I tried doing this and ended up nowhere. Been scouring the forums and the most I've succeeded in doing was changing the logo. tl;dr trying to add a custom login background to the Classic Premium theme here to no avail. (would've just made a post asking about this but the 'rules' say I need to ask somebody who'd likely know. Nevermind, found an easier way. I just copied those .xml files from a theme that does have a working custom background, and pasted 'em in. Voila, custom background loaded in properly Double-Nevermind. Ended up breaking a lot of fonts. How the hell do you just add a custom background to a theme? I feel like something obvious and not said is being missed here.
  7. Gardevoir Always was a big fan of Skarmory. Has a nice follower sprite with proportions that aren't off or cartoonish.
  8. @Dibz Will Rotom's different forms be attainable or nah? What city/town will the boat for region-hopping be in? Can we get any kind of broad time window when we can expect Sinnoh to drop? Like a month it can be expected? Sorry if these are stupid questions and/or you can't answer them for whatever reasons.
  9. @Staggiie You are still doing these, right? Sorry if this comes off as annoying, I just don't wanna have to go to somebody else and have them make a custom theme I originally wanted you to make, and then not end up as good as you'd be able to do it. Again, sorry if you've been busy and stuff, just got worried with my questions above going unanswered for (relatively) so long when you normally seem pretty active.
  10. I would also like to know more about how they work. Bumping the thread. I've seen rustling grass only once, and the swirling fart clouds in caves only twice. Every other phenomenon has just not appeared for me once, even after 'farming' attempts for them too.
  11. So the night lasts for 7h in-game, (apologies if that's wrong, military time just never clicked) and 1h45m IRL, right I'm an idiot. 8h in-game so 2h IRL. Military time goes 21-22-23-24-00-01-02-03-04. I thought the 24:00 cycled right into 01:00.
  12. So an hour in-game is 15m IRL, so each 24h in-game cycle is 6h IRL. When in those 24h(in-game) is it night time? I've just never been able to see the time one night cycle starts and then ends all the way through.
  13. Got a few questions before putting in an order. 1. Do the themes you make have the "0 or max are blank" bug? Like if an IV is 0 or 31 exactly it's just totally blank. Same if an EV is maxed. 2. Can you edit a theme somebody else made? It was one they made for free and just put out there. Unsure if there would be a technical reason you couldn't or whatever. 3. Can your themes change the main menu music? Or is that just not something you do/offer?
  14. @Blue @RIchardZheng Thanks for confirming hordes can spawn shinies. Was curious about that too.
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