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  1. @Blue @RIchardZheng Thanks for confirming hordes can spawn shinies. Was curious about that too.
  2. I look at the GTL and see a deluge of Garbodor that could sink a ship, and—at least what I think—unusually high amount of other shiny mons like Ponyta/Rapidash. It just seems like half, if not more, of the shinies on the market are less than 10 different mons. So why is that...? Is the rate for them just lower or something? But seriously though why so many Garbodor in particular too
  3. Price check please? Bold Nature Edit: nvm it's not the rare gem I thought it was
  4. Unrelated to this thread topic, where's a good spot to ask for advice on PvE stuff, building my team right and all non-comp stuff? I don't wanna spam General Discussions every time I have a question. Unless they just go here. @[email protected] Thanks you 2. Cleared it up for me.
  5. I'm not new to the pokeman scene, just never once bothered to get into those mechanics cause I never really cared. But I'll try to keep it simple. Say I wanna train a Charmander(and eventually Charizard) for maximum Atk, Sp Atk, and Speed. Those 3 stats focused on only. How would I do that, as cheaply as possible? And ideally without the frankly ridiculous endless cycle of breeding and hatching. I caught wind somewhere that "Fighting Rattata makes your pikamon faster" and I was like 'wut' so is it really that simple? Just fight [pokemon] for guaranteed stat boosts? Note: This is not for PvP. Just PvE.
  6. I started in Hoenn and whatnot, and have the options to go to the other 2 regions. My question is "How exactly does that work?" cause I'm very doubtful it works like Gen 2 where you can just go and everything is fine. Do the pokeymans and NPCs in Regions 2&3 have their scaling changed? Does nothing change and I just have a boring overpowered adventure with my Hoenn team? Or does the badge-level-cap autism start all over again, and I have to—essentially—leave my Hoenn team behind, and start all over? Side question; Can I go to and from other regions with the ferry freely? Does it cost anything? Travel cooldowns? I've been able to go for a while but didn't wanna risk being stuck for some unknown reason. 2nd Side question; Do I keep all my items and money if I can't use my pikamuns there?
  7. "Balanced" Good one. I was gonna drop some money on this game but not now. This is ridiculous.
  8. >Combusken gets enough Exp to hit L34 >[Combusken can't level up without more badges!] "Oh, well Flannery is right here at least." >Beat Flannery >Combusken gets enough Exp to hit L36 and thus evolve >[Combusken can't level up without more badges!] Is this some kind of joke. I got a badge and it only raised my level cap by 2. Are you for real, devs
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