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  1. who has awakened me from my slumber
  2. You'll get a clear concise answer when Australia and California stop catching on fire every time a baby cries on planet Earth. IE, never. They didn't even announce Platinum in the Announcements thread like they all said they were going to, it just showed up with literally not a word about how progress was going.
  3. I'm looking for a specific version if somebody could help me out and save me some time.
  4. Somebody said that was to "tidy up" the forum there. Sounds sketchy as hell to me, or the head honcho has crazy OCD. Either way, doesn't look good to just wipe announcements.
  5. Been almost an entire year. Even jokingly saying "Soon" like they did has a limit, and that limit is the year it's said in. The devs could at least talk to us and give us status updates instead of 100% total silence, and leaving it to the white knights, mods, and forum celebrities to keep us corralled.
  6. their* Also honestly have no idea who 'tempesttrainer' is. I don't bother learning who the forum and/or game celebrities are. And wow, totally taking my example and running it against an unfair and frankly terrible comparison. Could at least pick something from the same genre. And yeah, no shit this isn't EA and the cod-uguu, this is an MMO and MMOs release content. Platinum was teased 10 months ago, almost an entire year. And there's still tons of missing content in Gen 5. And don't even try saying I'm spreading an aura of entitlement or whatever because this content drought
  7. If they released some actual content more than once a year, and had worthwhile shit to buy, I'm sure it'd last another 10 years easy because people will always want to go back to the 2D pokeymans. The autistic whales that buy the flaming heads and wings and just 'need' that extra 10% shiny luck will keep the game "alive" at least as far as money for the devs is concerned. Without any actual new content though, they'll be the only ones left and even then they'll move on when they tire of the stale PvP scene. I love the game and wanna support it but there's nothing worth spending IR
  8. They do an event for a minor holiday like Halloween, but not a major one like Christmas? C'mon. We need something to do while waiting for Sinnoh.
  9. Before I forgot, use these. They're a big help. http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/6d85/qxxxggmm3bganv46g.jpg http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/511a/a3eoiji5raow1nx6g.jpg http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/ac42/kr94sna3hxu0hr66g.jpg (1 or 2 of the berry pictures are wrong, but the names and all other info seemed to check out and that's all you need anyway.) Seeds that are "Very-" (such as Very Dry) count as "2" So you would use a Very Spicy seed, and a normal Sour and a normal Bitter for a Leppa. (the order they're put in doesn't matter btw) Berries will only harves
  10. Wait for Sinnoh. But in all seriousness, I think all that's done is training other mons(EV and to 100), breeding for perfect IV's if you're insane, hunting for shinies if you're turbo-insane, acquiring massive wealth, filling out the pokedex, and fighting in stale PvP. And wait for Sinnoh.
  11. I did it to the custom theme and still no dice. It's the Classic Premium theme here which simply might be too old, I dunno. I tried green, red, and blue and still just get blanks. (I'd ask in the thread you posted but of course it's locked)
  12. I've seen guides that tell you to change default files even when you use a custom theme. There are some very questionable guides out there.
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