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  1. I have a question Pokemmo community Can the initials shinys come out?
  2. I am a little new to the forum thousand apologies
  3. Please, there was a mistake, they banned me for no reason, please, really help me, I behaved, please My name in the game is LuisBlacklist if you want to see the story of what I did Plissss
  4. Another year in the pokemmo community I know that many do not mind this but my greatest desire is to find my shiny taurus I've been looking for it for 2 weeks and I run out of money I hope to have it :,c Att:Luisblacklist
  5. Hello pokemmo I have thought because they do not make a kind of den for guilds as our hidden base It would be amazing to do that!
  6. Por favor de vuelvan la cuenta de Mega Bladers ya que no iso nada y si es así las personas quieren prueba de ello el fue quien me enseño a combatir y todo eso el no ase nada de eso a lo contrario solo le da publicidad gratuita a su juego de mierda
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