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  1. id just like to thank everyone who made this possible, I couldn't play Pokemon as a kid because ..well you don't care, so this was a dream come true! so thanks everyone who worked and will work on this! thank you and goodnight!
  2. wtf is with the nice guy act all of a sudden?! what ever I already deleted my character! I QUIT~! DIGIMON FOR LIFE!
  3. my point was you can always create alts for small pay outs
  4. NOT ME! people you reply too! and you just proved my point thanks for that! yeah im on the spectrum! welp thanks genius! I quit bye!
  5. and whats stopping you from creating alts to get EXP. shares, trading them to main then deleting the alt? takes under 20min to get exp share in Hoenn (if you trade your mons with lvl 20 to the alt first). you could make 150k+ in an hour
  6. "you should quit" "just quit!" its always quit with you! you think you're so much better than literally everyone else! and you are! obviously! and if I wanted to play a strategy game I wouldn't have burned my grandfather's antique chess set!
  7. OMFG! do you actually play! cause you are literally always on the forum spewing your hate everywhere! GET A GIRLFRIEND!
  8. im not saying make it cheap, it should be the MOST EXPENSIVE thing you could buy! for the truly frustrated with disposable income its called instant gratification immediately followed by instant regret, its a millennial thing
  9. You know what I would pay real money for? something that allows me to skip to the Elite 4 the second I started the region! And by skip I mean Fly to the Elite 4 spot on the map without having to go threw the story or the puzzle(s) to get there. And that's just cause im lazy, so id rather PAY than PLAY
  10. man I know how you feel, with luck I managed to get to my Rival, lost every time, then I sold all 3 of my EXP. shares to buy 80+ restores! and then and only then I managed to defeat my rival! and even then it was close! cause his Gyarados missed me, and I got the final blow!
  11. Just in the Hoen and Unova regions it would be nice to have them like we have the VS seeker in Kanto, only permanent "!" and "X" respectively so we can always know whose rematch-able and who is not.
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