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  1. They are in the main story, at the end when When Cyrus try to catch both pkmn...
  2. You need to get national dex first, then talk to Rowan, and go to canalave city, enter the sailor's house (next to the sailor) and youll see a boy having nightmare in the bed, then Cresselias Island would be available to go... (Sorry about my bad english)
  3. Guys, Snowpoint leader Candice has the Regis in the Rematch battle, each of them per day... ========================== Chicos, la lider de Puntaneva Inverna tiene a los Regis en la batalla de Revancha, cada uno por dia
  4. Me and Goliat finally get access to the Ribbons Mansion... Im going to be the next Fantina's replacement Goliat's Dream
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