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  1. As in can you obtain them from SS horde drops? Or how would you obtain them normally? Exp. Share Max. PP Choice Scarf Choice Specs Silk Scarf TM Hidden Power / those “little diamonds need to chose what hidden power does”, I forget the name
  2. Minimal requirements? So I’m a little bored with the game right now to be honest, the only thing I can think to do is save up money to buy outfits, but even that got tedious. So I’m going to stop playing for a while but I would like to come back when PLATINUM is finally playable, but I wouldn’t want to start over cause my account has been deleted for no activity so: What are the minimum requirements not to get your account auto deleted? Do I have to log in every week or every month to delay it? Do I have to have a complete pokedex or a amount of moneys? What’s the criteria? Also, how to avoid from getting banned? If banned do appeals ever work? Just say “I’m sorry, I won’t do it again” and get un banned? Do you IP ban?
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