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  1. hyo

    Quick Wishlist

    Gen IV/DPPt/HGSS styled sprites for important Hoenn NPC's. It just feels really out of place seeing their sprites being so huge and less-detailed compared to the player and generic NPC's.
  2. great work on this mod, i love it! really puts me in a festive mood for the holiday season ^^ thank you, all of us appreciate your hard work!
  3. Thank you so much for the kind words! It means a lot! Happy Holidays to you too!~
  4. Thank you! I'm glad to be back! as for the meaning of hyo, "jordanice42" got old and sounded really obnoxious so i decided to come up with a new name. still having to relate with 'ice', i found that glacier translates to 'hyozan' in Japanese. 'hyo' can also be used as part of a name in Korea, and since i'm Korean, decided to take on that name since it's simple and sounds nice! Of course, we can meet up anytime!
  5. 안녕하세요! Hello! As the title reads, I've been creeping around the boards for the past few days, but thought I'd make an introduction post anyway. :) i started playing PokeMMO back in 2012, when everyone looked like an assorted mix of m&m's and continued playing up until DPPt/Gen IV player sprites were introduced and I loved the game since. Although I did take a long break, I'm finally back and excited to see all the new features being implemented! Some of you may know me around the boards as jordanice42, as i used to take requests and draw chibis of various player's in-game trainers back in 2013. Here's a Link in case you don't remember or just weren't around at the time, but I've recently made a similar thread just with an improved knowledge of art. Anyway, I'm excited to see both familiar faces as well as meet some new trainers in the community! Thanks for taking the time to read this ^^
  6. hyo

    Vanity Thread

    i sprited some stuff that i think would be nice additions to the game
  7. I double checked, it's no longer in my listings and also missing from my cosmetics category. Also did not receive my Pokeyen back. Hm, I'm baffled, but it's all good, I'll just grind the money back.
  8. I have a question, I put my tuxedo up for sale on the GTL. After no one bought it, I went back to my listing to claim it back; however, I did not receive my tuxedo. Is this normal or no?
  9. Are the prizes from the Battle Frontier PVP Mystery Boxes the same as the ones found in the PVP Mystery Boxes found in the Kanto Trainer Tower?
  10. hyo

    Vanity Thread

    Could we get Brendan's hat with adjustable colors on the headband-like area? I made these sprites to show how they could look when the player walks so that the hat bobs similar to how it did in ORAS and is reminiscent of Dawn's hat in DPPt. Also, maybe a one strap shoulder backpack?
  11. hyo

    Vanity Thread

    I believe that it is mainly because they use a palette of grays for their sprites, which easily allows them to change the hue and give the sprite a colored tint. if they used white, then it would stay white and wouldn't change colors. Although, it would be great to see some of the accessories use white. For example, having the pokeball logo and the bill on Red's cap to stay white, rather than to give it a colored tint. However, it may be difficult to add more colors to the palette. Don't take my word on it though, Darkshade is the one in charge.
  12. Mipha

    Pretty art! I notice you posted on creative writing! owo Do your best! and Happy New Year!

  13. hyo

    Quick Wishlist

    hair salon so we can change our hairstyles with ease ;w;
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