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  1. Thank you for mentioning, or giving me this kind of information. I just was curious, if and what kind of measures the devs have. I didnt want to make anything bad with it. Just wanted to help. IF there is a security threat. The modding community is broad, as I saw. But graphical mods arent my jam, cause sprite and Overlay editing is no fun for me.. I will inform myself on the modding possibilites and see, if I can do anything, in my eyes, usefull, that could increase efficiency
  2. First of all, hello to everyone. This post is more targeted to the developers of PokeMMO, but if you have information or knowledge, that advances the discussion feel free to post here. So now on to my concern: I am a hobbyist programmer and was curious, how PokeMMO works, so I tried to get to the source (of course this game isnt open source). On my way to that I noticed, that the PokeMMO.exe was just wrapped with Launch4j, which means, that the .jar-File is directly unencrypted embedded in the exe. (Oh at this point I have to mention, that I only looked at the Windows version of the game, but because its Java, I thought, that the OS doesnt matter THAT much, therefore I hadnt checked in on other platforms yet). I know, that some people hate me for that (obvsly devs as well), but curious how I am, I tried to: - Decompile it - Modify it - Build the Artifact - Run the modified game I was able to decompile the game and I had a general overview of the project. Then I modified the logger of the game (just some sysprints, I dont want to get unfair advantage with cheats etc...) I was able to repack the .jar But then it failed at running.. But other than my incompetence, I think it might be a problem, that a beginner (like me) could get so ?!far Hopefully some dev reads this and can give me some information (or even help :D) I wish everyone a wonderful day, memeToasty
  3. I had in my mind, that you can write a program, that can counter your team, therefore improving your team. Its a closed loop of improvement.. Also this game is the perfect mine for data to play with (to learn to work with data)
  4. memet0asty

    PokeMMO API

    Hello Dear PokeMMO community, I recently had an idea for hobby developers like me... I thought, that if there was an API, from which we could pull data like own Pokemon or enemy Pokemon (of them only what the trainer can see), battle log etc., we could give the developers, who do not have source to the game, a nice opportunity to spend some time into the game and its unique multiplayer feature to make this game even better. If you have questions or other ideas regarding my idea or anything feel free to reply to this thread. I am sorry for my bad english expression, have a good day and stay away from the high grass, Toasty
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