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  1. That study looks fascinating! I've only skimmed though it so far, I'll read it in detail soon. I was wondering, do we actually have an official confirmation that the PokeMMO Safari mechanics work with the Kanto method? Since then my calculations wouldn't be applicible for the game. (Though they're still true if we assume what's described in Section 1.2.) Edit: It seems that the study acknowledges that it's outdated, since it says "The Safari Game mechanics were overhauled to more closely resemble the one in the Hoenn Safari Zone." Though I'm still not sure if that's how PokeMMO works.
  2. - The Safari Zone did have a lot of changes over the generations, check the various links on this side: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Safari_Zone As far as I know, the current mechanics that are in PokeMMO are a simplified version of the Generation 4 mechanics. - It is a valid critique of my method that I ingored the fact that the player could run out of balls. It could definitely happen that the player is very low on balls, is unlikely to catch the Pokémon because of this, so throwing a Rock would be beneficial to raise the catch rate. However that analysis is suddenly way-WAY more complicated, as not only do we need to modify the infinite graph to one that has a given length (the number of balls the player has remaning), suddenly mixed strategies become viable - after using some Safari Balls that don't catch, maybe it's better to throw a Rock so that the catch rate increases. If I have time, I will try to do a full analysis on that, but that would be like 3-4 times longer. - As for the exact question on "What to do if the player has exactly 1 Safari Ball left", I believe the answer depends on the catch rate and flee rate, and I would need to calculate that.
  3. While definitely true, there isn't a much simpler method of proving this. I included the "simple explanation" in Section 2.1, so maybe if someone's not too well versed in probability theory, they can understand that non-rigorous reasoning.
  4. Corrected 2 typos: - Section 1.1: "probabiliy" -> "probability" - Section 1.2: "guarantee that if the ..." -> "guarantee that the ..."
  5. I already found 2 typos, but disregarding those, I think it's understandable.
  6. For a full version, check this Imgur album: https://imgur.com/a/NXfd3Ay
  7. First of all, I gotta say, the counter works perfectly, it's very usable, and its definitely a huge improvement over the old Encounter Counters I've been using! However, I would like to report a small bug that occurs on small bordered screens (this is my preferred window size when playing). Whenever I right click the Encounter Counter, it opens up the window cropped: Which means I have to full screen the whole window to click every possible button (including the "X" on the top right), then I have to go back to the small bordered screen that I'm used to. I would like to see a feature where the Settings screen had a scroll bar, or was scrollable without a bar, or opens a smaller window on small windowed screens. Though it's not a big deal, because I don't often open the Settings menu anyway, just a very slight inconvenience.
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