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  1. 之所以不是,估计是因为官方认为给讲究太过了,所以某次更新改掉了
  2. Frisends System I hope you could add a function "notes" to Friends System。 Because the name of the players are in English, sometimes even no regular letters and numbers。It is difficult to tell a player from another after a long time, so I hope Friends System can be added notes or even memos, in order to distinguish. PVP System I hope that evey PM can be added a note by the player 。For example,if Pelipper withstand Garchomp’s Dragon Claw, it will lost 45% of its Hp,so the player can write a note on this Pelipper "After withstand Garchomp’s Dragon Claw,Pelipper will lost its 45% HP" 。 He can also write a note on this Pelipper “Its Scald can make Garchomp lose 58%HP in Rain”。 I hope “Damage information will be displayed in Battle System”。If a PM carry a Sitrus Berry ,it will regain HP so quick that it's hard to notice how much damage I make in this attack,so I hope in the Battle Information System,you can see your PM‘s skill do x% damage to the other。I hope Leftovers’s effect of recovery ,Stealth Rock、Poison ‘s damage will be write in the information ,too。 Good Luck to you all。
  3. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Zje_BnvtYlRaXNTAYtceb0_rieuEyfnY/view?usp=sharing 你需要的网盘,我没咋用过国外的所以不知道行不行
  4. 2020.2.18一波更新把神奥打野砍的元气大伤,修改了一丢丢NPC的钱,修改了绝大部分 NPC的队伍数量,因此这个攻略里的一小时、两小时路线已经废了。这几天我在重新整合攻略,但是还没来得及测速。先预告一下吧,明天更新整合后的攻略,至于一币攻略、两币攻略,再过段时间再说。
  5. 我写的另一份神奥通关攻略才细,这个攻略几个小时就搞定了。另一份,去年八月到现在
  6. 除虫喷雾400¥,100步,每步4¥ 白银喷雾750¥,200步,每步3.75 黄金喷雾900¥,250步,每步3.6 确实是黄金喷雾性价比最高啊。
  7. 意思就是冰锥岩爆贝壳刃三个加上毒击尖刺加农的二选一咯
  8. 有,你找个工会加他们Q群,一般都会有的
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