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  1. I want to make a mysterious world pokemmo or at least be a mini pokemmo game because I feel that mysterious world pokemon can be played as a mmo so ake mysterious world pokemmo or agan a mini game that is mysterious world pokemon ok vote for my suggestion and not they will regret it ok

    photo chat

    I want to be able to send photos in the chat since I feel very upset that I cannot send photos in the pokemmo chat vote for this suggestion ok

    no reset

    I want that when you go to the android screen manager you don't restart the game ok since it is like that ok
  4. is that I feel that I must customize the pokemmo home screen on android since if we can on pc because not on android vote for my suggestion and they will not regret it ok

    add story mode

    I want to add a story mode where we do not pass the history of the intact rom but a new region new rivals and new things and that to go to the three regions if you chose the new region then to go to those three regions that is Kanto Teselia and Hoenn well they will have to pass the league of the new region ok vote for my idea not to regret later ok
  6. the textures of teselia are fine but not those of hoenn and kanto so here I propose a change of textures of those regions so that they look in graphics equal to teselia ok vote for my suggestion and you will not regret it ok
  7. I want everyone to enjoy this gem of a game, ok
  8. true and we will need if the permission of nintendo and make a premium mode for gift points and that ok
  9. I want to add pokemmo to the play store of android and app store of aple because I feel that this game should be shared with everyone please vote for my suggestion not to regret it ok
  10. so that they know I want to paste and copy because it is very difficult to copy and paste the texts so I want to paste and copy for the forum and pokemmo and I also want to enter the links so that they have more usefulness on android since you cannot enter a link in android why vote for my suggestion ok
  11. because there are less people
  12. I want to return channel 6 but with more people and that is new and I also want them to add a tab to recruit people for the team vote for my suggestion ok
  13. esque I want to do a tournament that takes place once a year and what better than a win tournament
  14. I want to do a tournament where people fight randomly and the prize can be random as well as vote for my suggestion and do not delete this as the ban bottln because they deleted that suggestion answer ok
  15. I want to copy and paste because it is very difficult to add these translations on android and I also want to enter the pokemmo chat links ok please do not delete this thread since I am writing English deactivate the translator that is in Spanish because I am really speaking English
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