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  1. what better way to start the week than by updating
  2. Ign:Huargensy Scizor Salamence Tyranitar Excadrill Rotom wash Gengar
  3. Do you by any chance not want them to wear shedinja too, because it stops azumarill and venomoth? hah
  4. The problem of the screens is that the same pokemon does not walle you to the 4 pokes that are boosted, the case of vaporeon can control you to scrafty and azumarill, but when faced with a linoone or a venomoth, it almost always opens a hole in the team to sweep, I'm not saying it is invincible, but it is a broken team, and the counters they put up are very elaborate pokes, Ferroseed in uu? , that leads you to take things out of tier to count them, that screen team centralizes all the UU meta.
  5. Huargensy Scizor Excadrill Tyranitar Rotom Salamence Gengar
  6. Team Name: The Eternity Team Tag: [ALFA] Registered Players: Sirel, Nicollaassittoo, workalogic, lyukihime, TuOneesan, Emilypk, LeoMaccho, ericuguuy, SantiArt, Teear Team Captain: Sirel
  7. Huargensy vs juanchoqui Win:Huargensy. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ou-1132668988
  8. alomomola a C, it is a Pokémon with great bulk and access to very good support movements such as wideguard, helping hand, heal pulse, in addition to having access to priority as is aqua jet, the bad thing is that it is not as powerful, on the other hand an ability that has 30% of removing the state of your ally, coming very well to remove paralysis or similar things
  9. Team Name: VermilionGoldenChampions Team Tag: [VGC]. Registered Players: NoWall, Cristi, YEYOxD, StrikerFreecss, Urquidi, XondeX, LordMaik, JamesFaul, CarlosBreak, RaiderOP, AnGeLOrGuLloSo, fulltoxic, xJhonatan, AlejandroGB, AngelosRed. Team Captain: Cristi.
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