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  1. Thanks, my graphics card and windows is update, but game working normally after re-install =).
  2. Hello Guys, i have laptop Acer Ryzen 5 2500u + 16gb + vega 8. Today my client update and my fps go to 60 and down to 18 ~ 12, and up to 60 again. My game is crashing a lot, does anyone have the same problem? managed to solve in some way? Before updating it worked normal, after updating it asked for the new version of JAVA as well.
  3. Good night, I haven't played pokemmo in almost 1 year, today I decided to play again, but I have the following error when I try to access the official website for download.Error 1106 Ray ID: 56ef6108cbacdbbc • 2020-03-04 23:29:23 UTC Access denied What happened? The owner of this website (pokemmo.eu) has banned your IP address (2804:14c:5b93:820c:2c28:1b96:4f15:ed5c). Cloudflare Ray ID: 56ef6108cbacdbbc • Your IP: 2804:14c:5b93:820c:2c28:1b96:4f15:ed5c • Performance & security by Cloudflare Anyone please help me ???
  4. Fala galera, sou novo, mas tenho grande conhecimento em Pokémon, estou a disposição quem precisar de qualquer ajuda.
  5. Have in GUIDE... All locations of pokemons and Itens
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