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  1. best of luck,i think umbreon slowpoke or second snorlax are your best options for now. i've done a few nuzlockes and i can say you are doing very well so far, this game isn't easy. hardest part is yet to come though, level caps arent generous on elite 4 so be very prepared for it. build a team specifically for the elite 4 from scratch. i took it on twice, once with and once without items, survived with 2 pokemon on the items one and lost in the itemless.
  2. the GTL can be very powerful and helpful in the right hands, but odds are you will take longer than the above average player who's just using their own skill to beat the game because of the ammount of grinding you will need to do to abuse it.
  3. a year or so ago i saw a guy complain because he couldnt solo the entire game with swampert. make sure you do have a team and dont go in severely underleveled and you will be fine. game is harder but it also gives you more variety in pokemon, faster grinding against trainers, and access to gtl make sure to utilize all these well and you will be good to go my man.
  4. you import mods differently, you download the mod and in the login screen press on the right, then mod management and import the mod you downloaded the mod should be in download folder
  5. hold your finger over the move, it should show the info
  6. every pokemon is good for story. use whatever you want to, pick what looks the coolest to you. if you want to breeze through it, though, lotad probably isn't the best option and you might want to pick something more offensive like a breloom or gyarados like akshit said.
  7. may the favorable rng be with you
  8. a whole day passed since your first post, the trainers reset already for sure less complaining more problem solving chop chop
  9. to get more money for repels rebattle trainers i personally had no problem going through the diglett cave
  10. for a good 5 years minimum ive seen many games die and this isnt even close to dying
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