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  1. This kind of measures would give a lot of significance to the team play.
  2. [CANCELLED] ORDER Smeargle Adamant for Farming (Just like the description) 31 ATK 31 SPEED EV: 252 ATK 252 SPEED 6 HP IG: HaymakerPWNER Thanks! Edit: Cancelled due to the lack of response, sorry.
  3. That was HELL of quick!!! Thx mate!!
  4. ORDER Eevee Timid HP: 27 ATK: x DEF: 27 SATK: 31 SDEF: 27 SPE: 31 Quick Ball
  5. Quick, effective and cool as ALWAYS
  6. Very quick, very effective, cheap and very lethal!!
  7. Thank you! Good price, fast service. Totally recommended!
  8. I'm not getting meowth hordes in Route 6 anymore :/
  9. Sorry for my ignorance, but what is i5? I'm a new player and i'm looking for some methods to make some money
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