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  1. Don't know if this is the right place to make this question, but it is possible to pass particles breeding?? Especifically Witch Haze. If it is possitive, which are the conditions?
  2. Well, it is a lot of ways to do that special event possible without affecting the value of that items so hard, it's about taking some measures like random obtainables, limited time, limited buys per player, and so. I know some people will think "hey, hold on, i grinded a lot to get that item" but it will not take the value to the dirt, just low a lil bit some extremely high prices and make it more reachable for people who is grinding right now. I know how offer and demand works, but come on, taking the appropiate measures it shouldn't be a problem.
  3. I don't see that like something negative for the market environment, that inflation it's kind of ruining some diversity or possibilities btw. Besides it should be able for a week and no more like that.
  4. It would be cool that we be able to buy some past halloween or horror theme vanities again for RP for a short lapse of time, like Pumpkin head, Flame skulls, Scythe, Jockey mask, Skull face, etc. it'd be a nice oportunity for new players to get some of those awesome vanities and even easy to make it possible for you. Hoping you listen to my suggestion.
  5. This kind of measures would give a lot of significance to the team play.
  6. [CANCELLED] ORDER Smeargle Adamant for Farming (Just like the description) 31 ATK 31 SPEED EV: 252 ATK 252 SPEED 6 HP IG: HaymakerPWNER Thanks! Edit: Cancelled due to the lack of response, sorry.
  7. ORDER Eevee Timid HP: 27 ATK: x DEF: 27 SATK: 31 SDEF: 27 SPE: 31 Quick Ball
  8. Very quick, very effective, cheap and very lethal!!
  9. I'm not getting meowth hordes in Route 6 anymore :/
  10. Sorry for my ignorance, but what is i5? I'm a new player and i'm looking for some methods to make some money
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