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  1. Add Archen to Tier 1. Did a test, it took exactly 5min30sec to hatch.
  2. The grind actually makes me fall asleep in my chair sometimes. That's why I don't play too often any more. I end up with back/neck pain from this game! :P
  3. lol. Misunderstanding caused by elapsed time. The time stamp is August 14 for my original comment on this topic. I also forgot to add another edit back then to correct for the Draco Meteor issue. As it turns out, I think I was somehow under the mistaken impression at the time that Charizard could learn it. Either that, or I was tired and selected the 'Zard by accident, which is why nothing came up for teaching it in Opelucid. As for the other things: I ended up figuring out somehow (probably from that link Jerryzoo posted, but memory is fuzzy on that). This is what I get for playing other games and coming back to the forum to find that somehow an old topic got necro'd and responding in haste to "clarify" without stopping to "Verify". :P Cheers & ty! EDIT: And since I'm tired-posting, I had to edit THIS one about 5 times, too. lol
  4. Yeah, my post was in response to that link. As in, I was not finding the information there to be 100% accurate.
  5. Some of this has to have changed, neither of the old ladies teach Roost for me at all, even on pokes I verified DO learn it by tutor according to the dex. EDIT: Roost is still available in Mistralton from the clown at the airport, but I haven't been able to find Dragon Pulse for my Charizard even though it says it learns it by tutor. The old ladies don't help. The guy in Opelucid that teaches Draco Meteor isn't interested in teaching it either... If it's a TM now, it's not for sale on the GTL, that I have been able to verify. Interestingly, the pokedex hints that it's a TM AND a tutor move... Weird.
  6. Sorry if this has been asked before. Is the only reason Dusclops is a higher competitive tier than Dusknoir due to eviolite giving it better overall defensive stats? Am I missing something here, or is this just some silly popularity thing?
  7. Well, there's nothing to say they couldn't take some of that stuff and make another archipelago of islands with it all in there. We wouldn't need the whole Johto region just for those things. Still, it would be neat to have access to the starters via some early means for new players if they want.
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