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  1. Lol, would be too much expecting some qol.
  2. Speaking of e4, someone on reddit said they were getting healed up after matches after going through it the first time in Kanto, is this actually true? Not that it's worth it going for the e4 after they hit level 100 unless you get a team exclusively for it, but at least if you don't need to spam consumables afterwards it'd be more fun.
  3. Stopped playing from a burnout that came from a similar reason actually. There was always a big variance in how good farming methods were but with berries giving people such a source of money everyone could experiment with new bred mons pretty heavily a couple times a week without having to farm forever. There's still profitable farming methods but they are all very time consuming or require outright cheating like multiple devices/alts playing gyms at once during the battle animations, things like walking on single sleeping meowths to catch them when they have items, life orbs, berry pickup while also hoping for snorlaxes, geodudes. All of this was fine and actually kind of fun in the past because you could do the one you liked it as a bonus to get extra money, but given the nerfs to every single of the methods you're basically just told to play market flipping or play on multiple devices at once, which is ridiculous. Also the new abilities that could've freshened up some farms like vital spirit and hustle still don't work, despite them being reported on day 1. Cute charm is nice but it doesn't really change much at all on its own, seeing how the one really good thing it worked for (snorlaxes) was nerfed less than 24h after introduced.
  4. In case someone else is wondering, I looked around a bit and found there's a battle frontier with double coop battles in every mode in Gen IV: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Battle_Frontier_(Generation_IV) If enabled that'd be nice since at least Battle Factory should be functional given that it's already working for Hoenn, just with no multiplayer support. Hopefully the others would be too but I imagine it could go either way given how weird some of their mechanics are. Definitely would like to hear about what can be expected from this though.
  5. Hi, I personally never played gen IV, so aside from making it so we can catch garchomps, toxicroaks and offering new farm spots (non-safari chanseys for one), what does sinnoh actually add to the game? I've found myself a bit burnt out since all the appeal in endgame for me turned out to be LC tournaments and doing battle frontier doubles with a friend in co-op. Will sinnoh maybe offer something that can be done with other people as a sort of cooperation thing? I'll probably enjoy going through the story and all, but I'm wondering if there's any exclusive multiplayer feature the zone will offer or if it'll be mostly just another area like kanto with not much going on that is mechanically new. If not I guess it'll be taking a break until dungeons release for me, but I'm curious since I never did experience gen IV stuff and for all I know there could be some cool stuff in it.
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