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  1. Can you not tell the day-care man that you want the egg to be male for $5000?
  2. On Kindle Road there tends to be 1 Persian and 4 Meowth in a horde on average, that's way better than the Kanto mainland hordes like Route 6 which only have 3 encounters and often consist of 2 Pidgey and 1 Meowth.
  3. Don't quote me on this because idk how all this works but I heard the battle animations are processed server-side, and somehow that means the battle animations can't be changed in speed.
  4. The Underground doesn't seem to be implemented for now which is a shame, but it makes for easy farming of items like Everstones which could mess with the economy.
  5. Has anyone found a Wingull holding a Lucky Egg or is it just Pelipper? I dunno if it's worth surfing without using Sweet Scent and stealing from the Wingull or not. Like others have said, Undella Town's water has 100% chance of encountering a Wingull/Pelipper horde every time you use Sweet Scent, but the Pelipper know Fling. You could stop them by using Imprison with a Pokemon that also knows Fling - it stops other Pokemon from being able to use the same attacks as you. As for what Pokemon can learn both Thief/Covet/Switcheroo/Trick, Imprison and Fling, and also have the ability Frisk, it seems like it's only Duskull which only has Frisk as its hidden ability so we can't get it. :/ Just gotta hope the Pelipper doesn't use Fling for now.
  6. All the Wingull and Pelipper at Mossdeep City are holding Damp Rocks and nothing else, are the Lucky Eggs super-rare?
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