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  1. Can you not tell the day-care man that you want the egg to be male for $5000?
  2. On Kindle Road there tends to be 1 Persian and 4 Meowth in a horde on average, that's way better than the Kanto mainland hordes like Route 6 which only have 3 encounters and often consist of 2 Pidgey and 1 Meowth.
  3. Don't quote me on this because idk how all this works but I heard the battle animations are processed server-side, and somehow that means the battle animations can't be changed in speed.
  4. The Underground doesn't seem to be implemented for now which is a shame, but it makes for easy farming of items like Everstones which could mess with the economy.
  5. Has anyone found a Wingull holding a Lucky Egg or is it just Pelipper? I dunno if it's worth surfing without using Sweet Scent and stealing from the Wingull or not. Like others have said, Undella Town's water has 100% chance of encountering a Wingull/Pelipper horde every time you use Sweet Scent, but the Pelipper know Fling. You could stop them by using Imprison with a Pokemon that also knows Fling - it stops other Pokemon from being able to use the same attacks as you. As for what Pokemon can learn both Thief/Covet/Switcheroo/Trick, Imprison and Fling, and also have th
  6. All the Wingull and Pelipper at Mossdeep City are holding Damp Rocks and nothing else, are the Lucky Eggs super-rare?
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