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  1. You can also just change the Display Size setting from default to small. It litteraly change the Minimum Width setting without needing developer mode and it will keep a value that suit the most your device.
  2. Hey. So i would need a Torkoal lvl80+ with ful hp+spd ev. I need it for the event, so If you can deliver quick i can pay double than listed price. . Tell me your price and expected time. Thanks
  3. Hi. Are you up for training during Halloween event ?
  4. Hey. Thanks you for updating this other moemon mod. I would like to use it in addition to the shiny's HD battle sprite mod for easier spotting while hunting. It kinda works. All shinies sprites are how you expect them, but the moemon one are way too small. Any idea on how to correct that ? I guess it's an issue related to the resolution difference. Thanks again nontheless :3
  5. Hello. Their is a mistake in Brawly 5 set. Sableye and Mienshao items are swapped in the short version but correct in the hidden content section. Thanks for your work.
  6. Damn, that's the good stuff ! :3 Thanks for your work.
  7. Hello. First thanks for your time and work. Second, i'm having issue and a question. RESOLVED The issue. I'm currently unable to use the part 2 of this mod. It just don't appears in Mod Management option. Any idea ? The part 1 works as intended. RESOLVED The question. Could you do the same on front sprite from gen5? The current HD Battle Sprite mod have SD version of them. Would be nice if it was possible to enhance them. Thanks again. Take care.
  8. You need to extrat the .mod file from the rar. And you need Winrar for that.
  9. Could you please explain Mamoswine + Aerodactyl combo ? I understand other one but no clue about this one. Thanks.
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